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Star Wars: The Old Republic

What's Coming In Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare is showing off what players can expect to see added to Star Wars: The Old Republic in the coming months.

The new trailer below gives you looks at new Warzones and Flashpoints, expanded Legacy system, UI customization, and new Guild features.

The studio also announced it's rewarding early members of the community with a unique Founder’s medal. To see if you quality, head over to the official details page.

  • What is this, 2004? Why guild banks aren't already in the game leaves me flabbergasted.
  • Bioware or perhaps EA is a bit too concerned at the moment with adding content, they need to focus on fixing the problems with the game before the add more problems to the pot.

    The issues fall on both sides of the game, their are some glaring issues with PvP balance, but there are PvE issues just the same, the only difference is the PvE one's are less pronounced.

    A Mercenary being able to put one button on his bar and spamming it in a warzone and being the top damage dealer with the fewest deaths is utterly ridiculous.

    Operative DPS is balanced entirely around their opener and the can shred a Juggernaut or Power-Tech who are in full PvP Tank gear within 5 seconds on their own.

    All Knockbacks are insane at the moment because they throw people tremendous distances AND have slows attached to them, roots if it's talented as such.

    Poor Juggernauts can't hold threat worth a *** in Operations and both Mercenaries and Operative healers have increasingly laughable AOE healing compared to a sorcerer

    Not to mention there's still the issue of moves not activating when clicked/pressed.

    Fix things first, don't break more parts of the game.
  • These additions look interesting. I can't wait.
  • lol I love on the patch notes for 1.1 that they decided to balance the biochem crew system. Way too many biochemists, but I get it.

  • I wanted to like the game... Maybe WoW ruined it for me, because it feels like I'm playing an old game with new Star Wars paint. Instead of paying monthly for SWTOR, I'll save that money to buy Guild Wars 2... May even save enough for the game and first expansion.

    SWTOR doesn't suck, I would've loved it 4 years ago, but for me these updates are too little too late. The new zombie... I mean 'ghoul' patch does look interesting though.
  • i always felt like getting this game but it looked to confusing and it lookes to much like soulcaliber were you press the same button over and over again just to do the same attack but i cant really talk since iv never played it
  • I had to cancel my subscription over D/Cs and long load screens. I don't blame TOR-- it's probably my older PC or maybe my internet provider, but I will say I enjoyed TOR for a few weeks over Christmas break. Yes, customized UIs and guild banks are simply needed to match current MMO standards, but the TOR story line, character progression, and voice acting are engaging.

    Like others though, TOR was just a bit of a diversion for me until Guild Wars II releases. I will buy a new gaming PC for GW 2. Can't wait.

  • Can't wait. Some of these features (UI Customization and Guild Banks) should have been Day 1, but later is better than never.

  • k

  • I want instand casts, pvp is annoying without it. Otherwise pretty solid so far, stuff needs to be fixed, but i can wait :)

    Edit: When i say pretty solid i mean i know they're working on fixes, not that it's perfect. It's a fun game and look foward to playing for years to come.
  • This is why I will wait Just a little longer. The best is yet to come and the game will level out. The bad thing is if you wait too long you start to miss stuff...does anyone remember Vanilla WoW, hard to remember huh?
  • Love the game, but I just couldn't pay the 15$ a month just yet.  Need to finish a big backlog of other games so I can then jump back into this game proper.  I'm hoping by early march maybe.  

  • Nice.  Just hit 50 the other day and it still seems like I have more content to go through than I can comprehend, but more TOR is not going to be a bad thing.

  • Is any one else getting the video backwards: mirror mode, and slightly blue?

  • Epic!!!!!!!

  • To me, Star Wars is the only movie franchise that has had enormous success in the gamming industry.
  • I really enjoy playing SWTOR. Looking forward to playing through this new content.