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Video Preview: The Old Republic

We've finally got original video of BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMO to share with you. Game Informer's Adam Biessener, Tim Turi, and Matt Miller have each logged in extended time with the beta, watch the video below to hear their thoughts and to see new footage from their experience with the much-anticipated game.

Please note that this footage is from the beta, which contains a bug that removes lip-syncing from certain sections of the dungeon.

I wasn't a believer in The Old Republic until I spent significant time with the beta. Now I know what's on my calendar for the months immediately following its December 20 release date. The combat may be a syllabus from an MMORPG 101 class, but BioWare's brilliant storytelling is as good in TOR as it is anywhere else.

For more Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out Miller's massive preview from an earlier beta.

  • The game is okay, but it's just not going to be worth the full retail amount and monthly fee.  They need to scale back the pricing model and asking price.

  • looks promising. cant wait.

  • I hate advertisements

  • I cant wait to try out the beta

  • Wish i could buy it when it comes out just to many games to buy I guess ill half to wait.The game is looking great to I hope the beta comes out soon so i can atlest plsy that.

  • I am so over MMOs, and I'm still very disappointed that they made TOR an MMO.  I'm ready for the next iteration of social gaming y'all.

  • Too bad this isn't coming out on console.  

  • I just got done playing 20 hours of the beta.  I thought it was great and agree with the editors in that playing every origin story will probably happen.  Great game by a brilliant developer.  Hopefully they recoup every cent of the millions that they spent developing.