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Video Preview: The Old Republic

We've finally got original video of BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMO to share with you. Game Informer's Adam Biessener, Tim Turi, and Matt Miller have each logged in extended time with the beta, watch the video below to hear their thoughts and to see new footage from their experience with the much-anticipated game.

Please note that this footage is from the beta, which contains a bug that removes lip-syncing from certain sections of the dungeon.

I wasn't a believer in The Old Republic until I spent significant time with the beta. Now I know what's on my calendar for the months immediately following its December 20 release date. The combat may be a syllabus from an MMORPG 101 class, but BioWare's brilliant storytelling is as good in TOR as it is anywhere else.

For more Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out Miller's massive preview from an earlier beta.

  • I have never been into mmo's but i think im going to get into this, i hope it pans out well
  • I look like a freakin' bobblehead in here. I blame Hanson.
  • Tim Turi is kind of the woobie isnt he?
  • Wow I can't wait until this comes out

  • Looks great! Can't wait.

  • Really looking forward to this, I can't wait!

  • Sweet, I'll probably be getting this game.

  • It looks like WoW in space....IM SOLD!
  • Also, I like how Ben Reeves is just sitting there doing work. I was almost expecting him to interrupt the conversation with his crazy antics. ;)
  • I played WOW for a long time in high school but quit before WotLK.  I have to say I am looking forward to this and may just bite the bullet and try it out.

  • Mod

    This looks incredible. I can't wait to be a Sith lord.

  • hope someone makes webisodes to fulfill a lot of us that will never be able to play this great looking mmo. :)
  • i hate to say this but i really fear that this game's gonna fail... it just feels like they just want to copy wow so they can be just as successful n make a ton of money..yeah theyr trying to pull all that ''different from wow'' thing with the whole class stories and conversations thingy but i really think that it wont be really starting to hope that biowere gives up on all this mmo insanity and goes back to doing kotor again...
  • I'll Group with you Tim.
  • Was that Ben Reeves at 11:32? Lol.

  • It did give off that "WoW in space" feel, but I did like playing it. The feeling I did get though was  "KOTOR 3-10 with multiplayer." There's one thing I didn't try out though in the beta that I wanted to: space combat.

  • I think I'll probably end up playing this along with WoW at interchangeable times so I don't get bored with one or the other.

  • I got 2 friends that are just dying to get into this game, one got into the beta so we're all anxiously awaiting his thoughts after he gets to play it for a while.

    I've noticed that while the character models are simpler, facial animations look clean and smooth. Hopefully they'll be able to simulate a wide variety of emotion and expressions.

    Also, was that a wild Ben Reeves that appeared somewhere in the 5-6 min mark?
  • Looks pretty sweet,

  • Gameinformer Fragfest is making a guild for swtor, please tell me (reply to this) if you want to join. Anyway the game looks awesome and I got into a beta weekend so I cant wait to try it out.
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