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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Designers Plead Their Cases On Classes

Star Wars: The Old Republic has eight playable classes, covering the major archetypes from the familiar Star Wars universe. New players might be intimidate by the choices, but BioWare is here to help. In a series of videos, the developers pit pairs of classes against each other and say why their favorites would dominate. It's a lot like those "Who would win in a fight?" debates kids have been having on playgrounds for decades, only with grown men.

In this clip, we see the cannon-wielding Republic Trooper take on the deadly Sith Inquisitor.

If you think a Jedi Knight has an unfair advantage over a Bounty Hunter, this video may change your opinion.

For more info on the game, check out our latest in-depth preview.

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  • It really just depends on who is playing them. I personally like the imperial agent the best because you can deal a lot of damage before the target gets close to you.

  • I now kinda want to be a bounty hunter...

  • So nerdy, love it

  • God these videos are silly.  If you guys have balanced the game as it should be either class has a chance of winning.  Bah....

  • Republic Trooper and Bounty Hunter for me. Guns and gadgets appeal to me more than lightsabers and the force.

  • Informative but probably going on for a minute or two longer than needed. Little silly and unnecessary that the last half of the segments are devoted to if class X can take on class Y in a direct confrontation. What about showcasing the smuggler? The agent?

    Reminding of how cool or *** these archetypes are is fine. But when you devote 8 minutes to ridiculous back-and-forth while only covering half the classes, it gets a little tiring.

    Still know I'm going to be an imperial agent, a more level-headed bad guy without megalomaniac or "magical" abilities should be pretty fun.
  • I might just get this.

  • Trooper all the way. You cant be beat the Marines of the Star Wars Universe. Plus, nothing beats a good blaster by your side, right. Keep your magic and your lightsaber, give me my cannon and grenades

  • 0:46 in the second video. Dude never saw it coming.
  • These are very nice to show people that you don't have to be a jedi or sith to put up a fight.

  • Brilliant! Only a few more weeks until we can start :)