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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Designers Plead Their Cases On Classes

Star Wars: The Old Republic has eight playable classes, covering the major archetypes from the familiar Star Wars universe. New players might be intimidate by the choices, but BioWare is here to help. In a series of videos, the developers pit pairs of classes against each other and say why their favorites would dominate. It's a lot like those "Who would win in a fight?" debates kids have been having on playgrounds for decades, only with grown men.

In this clip, we see the cannon-wielding Republic Trooper take on the deadly Sith Inquisitor.

If you think a Jedi Knight has an unfair advantage over a Bounty Hunter, this video may change your opinion.

For more info on the game, check out our latest in-depth preview.

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  • Im going with the smuggler. Simply because nolan north is doing the voice work..... Annnnd who doesn't want to be like Han solo?
  • 5 min cut scenes in my MMO? I don't think so.
  • this game looks like ***

  • Ever since I watched Star Wars for the first time, I always thought the Jedi Knight was awesome.  Definitely going to be the first class I dive into when I get this game.

  • Regardless of how good the game is when it comes out, people are going to point at these videos and laugh because class balance in MMOs is never perfect and even when it's decent people still whine. Making a whole series of videos that draws attention to one of the most contentious issues in MMOs seems dumb to me.
  • I have been on the beta all week end and let me tell you...there is no way i could ever play wow or any other mmo all i want to do is play this.

  • Self-serving and dumb videos.
  • Dark side b*tch!!!

  • (this is related to this video in an offshoot kinda way) Over the New Year's weekend (Dec. 30 - Jan. 1), there will be three of us playing The Old Republic to raise money for Child's Play! Check out our website: WWW.SWTORM.COM
  • I've been in beta all year, and I can say this game is phenomenal. If you are just looking for a re-skinned SW galaxies, go elsewhere, the story driven game play helps take away from the "go kill 30 of these" for no reason.

    Great game in my opinion.
  • "You will realize what a complete idiot you are." Best comeback!

  • Gotta go with the Jedi Knight. Though I'm not sure if I want to play as one when I get into the Beta.

  • Im gonna be a bounty hunter, and I will be a badas$

  • **BRAAAHHHH**, who put this MMO in my RPG?!?!?

  • wish I could play this game

  • Really looking forward to checking this out. I got into the beta, but between Skyrim and what not, I couldn't find the time to really play it. Just made a character (bounty hunter.)

  • Exlcusive classes? Unbalance.

  • This game is going to be absolutely fantastic.

  • Bounty hunters are well equipped to take on Jedi, for sure. Not to knock Troopers and their array of whoopass firepower, but I'll have to side with the Inquisitor in that duel. Maybe I'm Empire-biased, whatever =p

    And as for the recent Smuggler vs. Imp. Agent, now THAT one is tough. Agents are deadly professionals, but the Smuggler is like Vash the Stampede - he's got the Devil's own luck.
  • Played the beta, and I can say it is as fun as all these vid's look.  And as for who can beat who, it's pretty well = honestly.  (assuming you fighting someone the same level as you) it will only come down to who has what memorized better to access their skills quickest.  Not to mention who has better knowledge of their skill tree.  

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