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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Go Jedi Vs. Jedi In The Intergalactic Bloodsport Of Huttball

BioWare showed off its upcoming Star Wars MMO yet again at this year's Gamescom, and the developer came to the event armed with a brand new, slightly strange mode to show off.

Huttball is a brand new warzone for The Old Republic that introduces a surprising element: inter-faction combat. Huttball is actually a brutal spectator sport run by the Hutt cartel on a neutral world, so it's not just Republic vs. Empire for these battles.

Huttball players are split into two teams that are chosen at random, and they battle in a crazy arena full of death traps. Some platforms will burst into flame on occasion while others will give way, dropping unsuspecting players into a pool of poison below. Competitors will need to watch out for the environmental hazards just as much as opposing players.

To complete the illusion of a true sport, Huttball features a loud, overly excited announcer providing commentary for match-ups. Every time you die in a silly way or make an impressive pass, this announcer will have something goofy to say.

Huttball is definitely a strange addition to Old Republic in the sense that it seems much more light-hearted than the vast majority of content in the game. That said, it also looked like a lot of fun in the videos I watched, and it gives players of the same faction a chance to beat each other up. Maybe those benefits are worth a little tonal dissonance.

If you'd like to know more about Old Republic's PvP gameplay, check out my hands-on preview from Comic-Con.

  • Okay, I've never played an MMO in my life, but I'm totally psyched for SWTOR. Maybe it's the KoTOR fan in me resurfacing or something, but the whole thing looks great. Can't wait to play some Huttball!

  • The video on their site was pretty funny. Geez, I need to go get a gaming PC...

  • SWTOR is going to be the first game that fails because of a generally degenerate community. Try visiting the official forums for longer than 5 minutes without getting sick to your stomach from the general assholishness funk that permeates off every discussion. I'm scared to see what local will look like.
  • I hope this is better than WoW.

  • I really really want this game but I don't think I can afford it or run it on my laptop, sadly. :'(

  • Is anybody else afraid that this game will launch the same way Final Fantasy XIV did?  I'm really looking forward to this game, I just hope everything goes smoothly.

  • GOD! i wanna play this!

  • EPIC!!!

  • A secondary sports option can really make an RPG great. Case and point: Blitzball!

  • Not too surprising adding this, since they had that addictive card game in the original KOTOR. Kinda cool too.