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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Go Jedi Vs. Jedi In The Intergalactic Bloodsport Of Huttball

BioWare showed off its upcoming Star Wars MMO yet again at this year's Gamescom, and the developer came to the event armed with a brand new, slightly strange mode to show off.

Huttball is a brand new warzone for The Old Republic that introduces a surprising element: inter-faction combat. Huttball is actually a brutal spectator sport run by the Hutt cartel on a neutral world, so it's not just Republic vs. Empire for these battles.

Huttball players are split into two teams that are chosen at random, and they battle in a crazy arena full of death traps. Some platforms will burst into flame on occasion while others will give way, dropping unsuspecting players into a pool of poison below. Competitors will need to watch out for the environmental hazards just as much as opposing players.

To complete the illusion of a true sport, Huttball features a loud, overly excited announcer providing commentary for match-ups. Every time you die in a silly way or make an impressive pass, this announcer will have something goofy to say.

Huttball is definitely a strange addition to Old Republic in the sense that it seems much more light-hearted than the vast majority of content in the game. That said, it also looked like a lot of fun in the videos I watched, and it gives players of the same faction a chance to beat each other up. Maybe those benefits are worth a little tonal dissonance.

If you'd like to know more about Old Republic's PvP gameplay, check out my hands-on preview from Comic-Con.

  • Well in KOTOR there was duels by the hutt so its cool that they add something similar but with teams.

  • taps are a stupid idea.

  • This looks like a really nice feature that they added. Hopefully I get into the beta, as I've been itching to try out this game.

  • Random but sounds pretty funny & fun.

  • Everytime I see this game it says "KOTOR" to me. I *would* be really excited...if they go to free to play! I seriously can not get over having to pay a subcription fee.
  • Yea I dont think im touching that mode; I prefer a one on one duel with another Jedi or team vs another team, something of that nature

  • That was, um... odd. Still looks fun though.

  • So...um...where does the actual "ball" come into play?

  • I like Arena-type gameplay, so this is good.

  • When I saw this come across my Twitter feed I was SURE it was a joke.  I'm still not convinced it's not.

  • way cool, makes it even harder waiting for it

  • Is the announcer guy that two-headed Podracer alien guy from Episode 1?
  • Mod

    Seems like it could be fun.

  • It sounds kinda fun. :)

  • What is the goal of Huttball?

  • Sounds fun, I am all for variety.

  • Sweet.

  • Can't wait for my Collectors Edition! This game is going to be epic !

  • Sounds neat.  I don't see anything wrong with a little lightheartedness from time to time.  It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

  • A poison pool? How come you can't be terminated by being stabbed through with a lightsaber or trampled by a giant beast OR hit by that laser when you're focused on something else. A Jedi must be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the present, as I'm sure most of you know.

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