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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dire Times In Star Wars: The Old Republic

Take a look at these two new trailers for BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO – including the intro cinematic for the return of The Sith!

BioWare's Star Wars MMO likely comes out at the end of this year, and here's a close look at some of its content, including the opening of The Eternity Vault – a place that should be firmly shut at all costs.

The Return of the Sith Opening Cinematic

The Eternity Vault

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  • The more I see of this game, the more excited I become. I hope that it scales well on lower-end PC's since my gaming rig is woefully out of date.
  • They need to set a release window for this title. I keep seeing more and more of it, but I can only get excited with trailers and demos for so long before my interest goes somewhere else. I still want the title and have no doub it will be a good introduction to MMOs for me.
  • Cool beans.


  • im getting pretty tired of these trailers.. im now lost .. whats the point of the trailers? are they actual ingame cutscenes? or is this just marketing hype thats been occurring for months now.. getting alittle tired of waiting.. by end of this year finally we can have this loaded onto our pc's. why not give a release date officially bioware.. even in this article they state "end of the year" yet some sites claim its been pushed back already into 2012.. good grief its like bioware has decided to go on a Spiderman 2 promo craze or something..
  • I wish they could have made a show like these CG trailers, that would be way better than Clone Wars.
  • **BRAAAHHHH** bioware you really makin this wait alot harder... just give me a date so i know when to request a week off work pls =P

  • They need to give a raise to whomever did that return of the sith CG, that was awesome. As far as the gameplay trailers, nothing I've seen so far has got my hopes up to high. "Fun" is a hard thing to put your finger on, and you really can't tell if it will pull it off till we get some time with it.

  • Why didn't they say John Marston was a smuggler in this game?!?!?!

  • Oh, god. I need to change my underwear. That intro cinematic is astounding, amazing, phenomenal, I can't even think of more words for it.

  • sometimes i think Bioware should have made starwars instead of George Lucas...
  • Great videos!

  • i'm choosing the Bounty Hunter class now

  • Nice!!!

  • I thought traditionally only the Jedi who made the Lightsaber could wield it... maybe I'm just crazy, though. Still made me... excited. This game is what I've wanted for a loooong time.
  • Am I the only one that likes the Smugglers hat?
  • "The *** Empire has returned!"  haha

  • Looks...amazing...must...look...away...

  • Okay, Bioware, this will be awesome. We get it. You love Star Wars. You are better with it than George Lucas himself. So, just do us all a favor, and make KotOR 3 already!
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