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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Showcases Sith Inquisitor

Ever wondered what Darth Maul would look like as a lady... with hair!?

The Sith Inquisitor class in BioWare's The Old Republic looks like it'll allow players to fulfill their darkest fantasies within the Star Wars universe.

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  • Hope my MMO Jadedness wears off in time.

  • Cool... now come out!!!
  • it looks like a mage with lightning...

  • Looking good Bioware!

  • She's pretty hot, but that Darth Talon twi'lek chick is so much more. SOOOOOOO MUCH!

  • Excellent class video.  The inquisitor sounds like it would be a very interesting class playthrough.

  • Darth Maul makes quite an angry lady.

  • I'm pretty hyped for the game, but I heard a few things in recent months that made me feel a bit distraught. Needless to say, Sith Inquisitor is the class i'll most likely be using.... and that's what I wanted to be before I saw the video.... imagine my surprise when it seems as good as I hoped for.

  • im really excited to see what this turns into, and how big it will get. depending on how good this is i might have to get a new laptop.

  • o sh!t give me a date already