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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Showcases Sith Inquisitor

Ever wondered what Darth Maul would look like as a lady... with hair!?

The Sith Inquisitor class in BioWare's The Old Republic looks like it'll allow players to fulfill their darkest fantasies within the Star Wars universe.

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  • I'd tap that!
  • Can't say I ever wondered what Darth Maul looked like as a lady. Here, let me go to deviantart and, "OH MY GOD", *runs away in sheer horror*.
  • Man, those Jedi in that trailer were terrible. Maybe they were distracted by her angry, but sensual, glow. Okay, this is weird.
  • yes please.

  • So... a Darth Maul with hair? And boobs?
  • Am I the only person that doesnt give a crap about this game? On that note, I love Star Wars!! (original Trilogy...duh, I'm not retarted)
  • Yeah, I always play a paragon in Bioware games, but I'm going to be a sith this time.

  • Looks awesome I still need to decide what class i'll be

  • I liked the bit about 'unlimited power'. The scene  in episode three  wherein Emperor Palpatine kills Mace Windu as he screams about unlimited power and then lets out a little post-orgasm sigh of content is easily my favorite from all of the films.

  • wow just wow.

  • Can the Inquisitor only be female? If not, then i'm choosing this class. If it is only female, then imma have to go with a bounty hunter, or that other class that gets the mini-gun

  • I really hope The Old Republic is as good as it should be.

  • Looks more and more terrible every time i see a new video.
  • Interesting class.  At least graphics improved since I last saw a video a couple months back.

  • I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of Inquisitors running around. I'm still set on being an Imperial Agent though (mostly because of the sexy ship).

  • Seems like the class trailers are getting better again. The first three(Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight, and Smuggler) were all good and steadily got better with each one. Then the fourth and fifth (Imperial Agent and Trooper) took major steps backward. The bounty hunter trailer was a lot better, and this seems like the best yet (although the smuggler trailer could arguably be better). Can't wait to see the Jedi Consular one and/or hear about a release date.

  • Welp, looks like i'm going to be evil.

  • A Sith Inquisitor is a very attractive choice.  Besides the stealth move, I didn't see any new powers.

    I wish this was a console, single-player game.

  • I wonder how many different lightning-based attacks they can make? Meh, I'm still gonna be a Consular.

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