Star Wars The Force Unleashed is a really good game that makes you feel pretty good.When you play the prologue of the game you play as Darth Vader when playing as him you get a taste of what the game offers.Vader is pretty as we all know when I played I was on a bridge with a bunch of people and things on it.So I simply charged a force push released and saw them all fly away.Then you get to play as Galen Marek(secret apprentice) now when you first play the first three levels as Marek you learn the basics of the game,after that you begin to feel like a master of the force.Along the way to beating the game you can collect secrets such as costumes and lightsaber crystals,and force points to upgrade your favorite force abilities and combos.Can use many combos and abilities to destroy your enemies.One ability I favor is lightning bomb a move in which you shock your enemy until the lightning reaches a critical point and blows your enemy up and anyone near him.As for movement it's pretty good you can run,dash,and do flips.Anyway the in the end makes you feel unstopable and powerful.So yeah it's really amazing.