This game could have been so much better.  It controlled just fine and the story was amazing, but its the sub-par game play that really hurt the experience.  The game play is standard hack-and-slash, nothing more.  Granted the force powers are always fun to use and using the force to throw a jawa at lightning fast speeds into the horizon is a new kind of fun never before experienced.  Jawa-killing fun aside, the game play doesn't really do that great of a job presenting a challenge.  The biggest obstacle are those enemies that have lots of health and attacks that stun you.  Usually there are multiple enemies like this so I frequently found myself unable to go anywhere because I would get shot at by snipers who deal a large amount of damage.  Also, the game play never truly evolves.  Later levels only include more enemies, but by that point, Starkiller is so ridiculously over-powered the enemies who do stand in your way do not last very long.  The only real challenge are the boss fights, who all block your long-streak of lightsaber strikes yet can't seem to block lightning to save their life.  

Remember that iconic trailer that showed Starkiller bringing down an entire Star Destroyer on his own?  Well that scene is in the game, and its......disappointing.  It's awkward to control, it's long, Tie Fighters will constantly shoot you when your trying to bring the Star Destroyer down.  It should have been the defining moment for the game, but in the end it only served to annoy me constantly.

If it weren't for the awesome story and the fun of throwing Jawas into the environment, The Force Unleashed would be just another Star Wars game.  Nothing more.