All I can say is since getting all 3 of these DLC's fro Zen Pinball. I have been playing the crap out of them. Empires is so awesome with teh music and the fact that is you hi the Scene Activation, hit the bumpers to chance from scenes 1 thru 5 before you select and you get different results. Have yet to unlock the 6th scene that I have heard about.

Clone Wars is awesome cause it has tones of great sound bits and the level is great. Intro is like watching the cartoon. The are on the table is so sick.

And then there is Boba Fett. Wish it had more of a feel I was hoping for. The levelization is great. But Boba just flies around shooting for no reason. But good none the less.

I would have given it a higher score, but the fact that they offered each table on the android market for $1.99 a piece instead of a pack price at say $4.99 would have been better.

But for those that love the timeless pinball action at your finger tips at any time is a plus!


So May The Pinball Force Be With You!