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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

Lift Up Your Visual Scanning For The Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Announcement Trailer

Area 52 Games, Disney, and Lucasfilm are inviting players to sign up for the Star Wars: Attack Squadron beta. The title puts players at the stick of iconic Star Wars spacecraft, including X-Wing fighters and TIE Interceptors.

The beta test for the 16-player online, free-to-play dogfighting title is slated to begin in early 2014. In addition to the combat, players will be able to customize and tune their ships. You can check out the trailer below and sign up for the beta here.

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  • Damn you, Star Wars multiplayer-only games!  Damn you to hell!

  • Yeah buddy! Definatly looking forward to a Star Wars title worth playing. This could be it! *crosses fingers* Edit: Nevermind, after that trailer my enthusiasm has been curbed.....
  • The video is pretty but those screenshots look like something out of 2007.
  • ehem…. *picks up mic* Play Star Citizen…. *drops mic*
  • I hope they make it like the original X-Wing and Tie-Fighter games.  

  • bad timing with Star Citizen claiming all attention right now

  • Awesome

  • Cool idea, trailer was meh

  • Cool idea, trailer was meh

  • <sigh> Multiplayer... really? The only Star Wars multiplayer I enjoyed was Battlefront's local co-op.

  • Signed up. Looking forward to how expansive the game is. I don't expect a Rogue Squadron experience but am eager to be surprised in a positive way. If I can blow up Tie Fighters in a group, I'll be content enough to give this a try.

  • Nice!

    Now people can practice with The Old Republic's dogfighting expansion as they wait for this one!

    I wonder if this comparison was planned by Bioware.

  • While F2P, I'm holding out hope. We need a new Star Wars fighter game, that much is clear. And also, it's cool to see that the EA deal ISN'T as exclusive it seems... even if the loophole only applies to mobile titles or browser games or whatever this will be.

    Now I just gotta look up "Area 52 Games" and see if I should get excited for this after all...

  • Just Signed up, it's going to be sweet Candy Galore.

  • I would also love to see them go back and redo all the starwars squadron Games in High definition for PC and PS4 and XB1.

  • Needs Oculus Rift support or else "It's a TRAP!"

  • Sounds quite interesting. Looking forward to it.

  • At first I was like yay than reading on this more and seeing the screen shots as well as fully knowing the descriptions I can safely say no sir.

  • No single player, no interest. If games of the quality of Tiny Death Star are what we shall expect from Disney, then to h with them.

  • Star Wars the Old Republic already has a 12v12 Dogfighting game expansion. Its free to play and live right now, and actually pretty fun.