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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

Lift Up Your Visual Scanning For The Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Announcement Trailer

Area 52 Games, Disney, and Lucasfilm are inviting players to sign up for the Star Wars: Attack Squadron beta. The title puts players at the stick of iconic Star Wars spacecraft, including X-Wing fighters and TIE Interceptors.

The beta test for the 16-player online, free-to-play dogfighting title is slated to begin in early 2014. In addition to the combat, players will be able to customize and tune their ships. You can check out the trailer below and sign up for the beta here.

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  • Only 16 player... what platforms are we talking?
  • WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?! Seriously? This is the first time I'm hearing about this. Oh man I gotta be a part of the beta Dx *Edit: Upon further inspection, my initial enthusiasm has worn off significantly...oh well...
  • Why take this IP and take a crap on it. Not only did ROUGE Squadron thrive on Nintendo consoles, but they arent even including a single player campaign for this one?! No thanks...
  • O.o!!!!

  • Why would Disney not continue the Rogue Squadron series!? This looks like a cheap cash in.
  • Rogue squadron was never one of my favorite star wars games but I know a lot of people liked it and it was still one of the better made games of the license. Hopefully this does that justice. It would be pretty awesome if they let you treat your ship almost like a racing game, where you can tune and change almost everything. But a 16 player limit I really don't understand in this day an age if it really is solely a dog fighting game.
  • Sounds like a ton of fun!

  • Sounds cool but id hope there would be more players than just 16 if its strickly multiplayer. Hell, Battlefield 4 allows for 64 players in online battles. Maybe theyll beta it and make more decisions from there. They could always bump it up later i suppose. Should be a good time either way.
  • You should mention that it's free to play. Takes this from a "WHATTT?" to a "Eh...". I'd love a new Rogue Squadron on consoles with 32 player online battles. 64 might be a bit much for dog fighting... I don't know, maybe there could be larger scale battles for different modes or something. This isn't that, though. This is a free to play game where you can only fly one ship, in a maximum of 16 player matches. It's like they're doing the bare minimum here. Edit: It does say they plan on updating regularly with new ships... I guess it could grow to be a fun game. I'll sign up for this beta, and at least give it a chance.
  • I've been waiting for a successor to X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter. Here's hoping it doesn't disappoint.
  • Console please!

  • free to play- no thanks. ill pass. next?
  • Cool, but were the voice actors also the developers of the game? Those were some nerd voices. Big time.

  • Oh sweet, 16 player online multiplayer. I bet it's going to be as flawless as Battlefield 4.
  • "Sorry! We are unable to register you for the Star Wars™ : Attack Squadrons Closed Beta at this time. Please try again later."
  • This is most interesting.  If it's anywhere near the quality of X-Wing or Tie Fighter this could be awesome.

  • wont let me sign up :(

  • I don't know...this could be a very interesting concept. The first PC game I ever bought myself was X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter. Nostalgia is probably stronger than reality, but I remember that series of games as being very very exciting. I could see this being something like that. I wonder if they will have different versions of the EU ships. In XvT you could fly variations of the Tie Fighter. Or the E-wing or Y wing. I really see that this could be quite an interesting game. Especially if they spread it over the consoles. Imagine a squadron of 14 Tie Fighters and X-Wing going against 2 players in a Super Star Destroyer. **Edit** I just realized that my idea of this game is better than the game could ever be. I've already dragged myself down with my over-excitement. :-(
  • Truthfully this game looks kind of lame to me, the graphics look very dated.
  • If ever there was a game made for Oculus, this is it! The explicit lack of a statement of its support disappoints me.

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