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Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 Is Star Wars Hell

LucasArts released a new video talking about about how dark and gritty Star Wars 1313 is going to be. Traveling from the surface of Coruscant down to the depths of 1313 is paralleled to Dante's Inferno, a journey into Star Wars hell.

The video shows previously released footage along with new artwork.

  • I'm suddenly VERY interested in this.
  • This makes me want an open world Ghost Rider game...:P
  • This is hardcore.

  • This looks awesome. Jedi are so overrated. Bounty Hunters are where all the gritty fun is.
  • If it's that big of a city, I hope this is a open world game with tons of side mission and a really great story to make you want to stay on the main quest as well

  • Super excited for this

  • I gotta say, I really like the tone and setting they're going for this. Instead of another mainstream T shooter or something for kids, we get a nice and gritty focus on the seedy underbelly of Star Wars.

  • I saw the 360 controller ! IT'S NOT NEXT GEN ... HUURAAH ! (wiping tears) uhh ..probably
  • I'm certain they left that shot with the guy playing with a 360 controller to try and dupe people into thinking it's a current gen game. The game looks great so far, despite not having really seen much.
  • Hopefully this is a sign that Lucasarts is going back to their days of old with games like Tie Fighter and dark forces.  Games that by today's standards may be lacking but for their time they were some of the best.  

  • Every AAA game is "dark and gritty" nowadays. It's really kind of silly how serious gaming takes itself.
  • It sounds to me like they're over-dramatizing what this game will actually feel like, but I'm still very interested. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this as more details are released.
  • This looks awesome

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  • Very excited to see more of this game.

  • other words...No more glowy cutty light sticks?
  • I just want to play as Boba Fett!
  • So it's like the Detroit of Coruscant?
  • I always thought it was pronounced Star Wars 1-3-1-3, not 13-13. I like saying each number a bit better, but even with that annoyance, this has a chance to be with KOTOR in terms of good Star Wars games.
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