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  • Blog Post: Star Trek: Not So Boldly Going

    If I were to imagine what kind of game the quirky, cheesy, and occasionally philosophical sci-fi television series of the 1960s Star Trek, now reimagined for the current generation, would be, a 3rd person shooter would be low on the list. That is, however, exactly the kind of game we got. Simply titled... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek: The Video Game - Playing this game would be highly illogical

    I was so looking forward to Star Trek: The Video Game . I probably shouldn't have been after seeing the words "third-person shooter", but then again, I noticed the obvious influences of games like Mass Effect and Gears of War . Too bad those games had no bearing on the final product. Digital... More
  • Blog Post: Red Shirts Unite

    Color me surprised. Did anyone really think a Star Trek tie-in would work, let alone be fun? I sure didn't, but here we are. Instead of a long review, I'm just going to simplify this with a list of pro's and con's. Pro's - It works - The inside of the Enterprise looks fantastic -... More
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