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I thought you were reviewing the game?

Did you honestly imply that "like the original series" the game will not last the test of time?
Because if you did that's the most incorrect statement I've ever heard. Star Trek the original series has very well stood the test, seeing as they keep selling dvds and blurays.
Also for its time it was a very high budget TV show. We may have come along way in 50 years but the show is as good now as it was then in many peoples opinion. 
So go a head and rip apart the game for being crap but dont say that "it felt more like the original series" than the remake. Thats just not logical. 

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  • I don't know how you managed to leave a comment on a review but I completely agree with your statement
  • I agree 100% with your view on the original series. His opening comment about the original series not "standing the test of time" just might be the dumbest comment I've ever heard. I watched his playthrough and he was saying how he was so into Star Trek. Anyone could see that he knew next to nothing. His review might be right on about this game but I'll wait until I see a true Trek fan play the game. Star Trek has always been about the story and atmosphere. He just wanted to shoot stuff.
  • The original series stands the test of time better than most shows I can remember. The thing he missed most was the fact that, even back then, the show was seen as cheesy and campy. That's what people loved about it. It had great characters, great story's and it was a ton of fun, but the camp and cheese was the most endearing thing about it.

    That camp and cheese remains today, just as awesome as it was back then, if not more so.

  • Wow, you connected two completely unrelated sentences to create your own.... then made a comment on a review showing your complete misunderstanding of HU-MAN language. Congratulations you **** step up and claim your prize.
  • Am I the only one that read "Digital Extremes’ newest game, based on the J.J. Abrams film series, reminds me more of the original series than the recent films; the game has a few clever mechanics and moments, but its overall lack of polish ensures that it doesn’t stand the test of time." as "the game lacks the original show's budget which is why the game looks unpolished as does the original show when compared to the current big budget films"? God forbid anyone criticize Star Trek. Unbunch your panties Trekkies.
  • This section is for reviewing the game. If you want to complain and defend a boring TV show there are myriad other venues in the Internet. Please don't muddle up the review section with a rant.
  • Here let this star trek character sum it up. cdn.memegenerator.net/.../34731962.jpg

  • Really...I smell "Not a Trekkie" when I saw the statement. I mean really last I checked that Star Trek lasted the test of time as it influenced a lot of items we take for granted and government projects that really didn't get off the ground as a whole but we are using them.


    Cell Phones based on the communicator designed. Small and compacted. Which were far better than the Moble Phones that were around.


    Scientist have proven that the form of Matter,  Anti-Matter, is in fact real and was created.


    vThe defense company Raytheon, which research and develops new state-of-the-art weapons for the United States Department of Defense, is currently working on a "directed-energy weapon", influenced by the starship-mounted "phasers" and portable "hand phasers" from the Star Trek franchise. Raytheon's phaser will also include a "stun" setting for non-lethal neutralization of a human target (just like in Star Trek) to be used by local law enforcement agencies.


    I am just naming a few items. So really people may not remember the name Star Trek as a whole. I do believe that we cannot deny the fact that it has influence what we are taking for granted or want we look towards the future. After all we some day crack the barrier between Energy and Matter and be able to Teleport around.

  • I think you missed that he wasn't applying that to the show, just the game. I didn't think he was making that point before I watched it but if you sit through the Test Chamber, you'd know that he's a fan of the series.

  • I think he meant that the visuals and the special effects of TOS didn't stand the test of time. The stories are still great, but the effects and fight scenes are super cheesy and crappy looking by today's standards. TOS stands the test of time because of the following it has, and the history behind it, but if something like that came out now, it would be laughed off of TV. Put the personal feelings aside, and sit back and look at it objectively. If you had never seen that show, and you watched an episode now, it would look laughably bad,
  • im not really a star trek fan at all i just came on here as a star wars fan about to say bet money star wars 1313 will slaughter this game haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If it comes out that is.

  • I didn't read anywhere in the review where he said the original series didn't stand the test of time. I thnk he was trying to get across that unlike the original series, this game would not stand the test of time. Duhhhh
  • This is seriously the most disorganized and mismanaged user review section in America tonight.  Captain Goat-Cow-Thing should really delete the whole thing if there's any chance of him regaining some face.  Either that, or close the *** doors.

    Otherwise, this user review section has every chance for success.  Only time will tell.