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Star Trek

Boldly Go Behind The Scenes With The Actors Of The USS Enterprise

In anticipation of the release of Star Trek: The Video Game next week, Namco Bandai has provided us with a new look behind the scenes. The game features key members of the Star Trek: Into Darkness cast, including Christopher Pine (James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Zoe Saldana (Nyota Uhura), John Cho (Hikaru Sulu), Simon Pegg (Montgomery Scott), Karl Urban (Leonard McCoy), and Anton Yelchin (Pavel Checkov).

Michael Giacchino, long-time composing companion to Star Trek director J. J. Abrams, will be providing his talents to the game. You can give a listen to the voice actors at work in the new video below.

Star Trek: The Video Game arrives on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on April 23, 2013.

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  • Michael Giacchino, huh? Well, at least the music is going to be good. I have a strange fascination with licensed games so I'm actually looking forward to this.

  • everything looks OK but that bridge blowing up into triangle pieces was corny. but maybe this will be one of the first good games based off a movie.
  • Geez, when I saw a trailer for this last year, I seem to remember it looking better than this.

    I guess I won't know unless there's a demo, but the controls "seem" to be somewhat sloppy, I hope this video isn't indicative of the final product.

  • I am looking forward to this. but I am waiting for the reviews before I head to store for this one. After ACM, not taking any chances on liscenced games that look good

  • Never been confident in a licensed game before, but I'll let this get my hopes up slightly.

  • I can't wait for this, and the new movie!

  • I can't wait to see the movie! I thought they did a great job at the reboot, with awesome casting.
  • Hope this is really good.

  • Given the history of Star Trek games, I'm extremely skeptical.
  • I have no idea how the game will play out, but the dialogue is spot on.  The exchange between Spock and Kirk was hilarious.  

  • I really, really want this to be good.

  • Jim I'm Judge Dredd not a covert agent.
  • FYI, hard-core Trekkies (like myself) are still pretty apathetic about J. J. Abram's reboot of the series canon, but otherwise, this DOES look like a pretty good game. More appealing in its Mass Effect's elements than anything else. I sure like the look of that Enterprise bridge. Here's hoping it's pretty decent, given the amount of work that they seem to be doing on this.
  • Where are the great visuals i wonder? Also, if they made a game to the hardcore star trek fan, it would have like 2 combat sequenses, and the rest would be just dialog between the crewmembers, talking to captains of other ships on the bridge, and diplomatic missions with a lot of pseudo-scientific words thrown around. And i, for one, would totally play the crap out of that game.
  • Still better than Colonial Marines.

  • I know this game probably won't be amazing (at least visually from a technical standpoint), but I can't help be at least somewhat excited for this game due to being a huge fan of Star Trek. Not that I'll be getting it around its release date, but it does look OK. The music is appropriately cinematic from what I heard on IGN, and it's nice to hear Michael Giacchino is doing it.

    The dialogue/voice acting is actually pretty good. I think its downfall really is just the technical side of the visuals; other than that, it looks fine. I don't think it's going to get very high scores, but I do hope it does OK. If it turns out to be another Aliens: Colonial Marines (which I don't believe it will), that'd be when I stop caring about it, but if it's more like Tron: Evolution, then I might want to give it a try.

    However, I didn't buy or play Tron: Evolution, though I wouldn't mind picking it up at some point when there are no other games to get. Furthermore, the voice actors here actually seem to be enjoying themselves as much as they can for doing only voice overs, which seems cool and it makes me happy to see it. Quinto's Spock sounds less like Nimoy's Spock and more like Tuvok if you listen to some of the gameplay.

    I will say one thing that really sucks though, the name of the game, 'Star Trek: The Game'. They should never put in 'The Game' on a game. It doesn't mean it's automatically bad, but it just doesn't seem like a very good idea: it sounds cheap.
  • Please be good...

  • Boldly go behind the scenes of a game that will in all likelihood sadly suck.