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Settle Into The Captain's Chair In New Star Trek Video

Namco Bandai and Paramount have released a making-of video for Star Trek: The Video Game. The first installment shows off a little bit of how Kirk and Spock are different, as well as some interior shots of the USS Enterprise.

There aren't any mind-blowing details in the clip, but it's nice to see more of the game in action. Look for it on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 23.

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  • I'm wary of any movie-tie in game like most fans, but the footage from the video itself looks pretty spectacular. As long as the whole game plays like this and it's not a ridiculously short, 5 hour game, I'm in.

  • looks good!

  • It's a good looking game - nice to see that, between this and Warframe, Digital Extremes is stepping up their game. But it's just not Star Trek-y. Like, at all.

    It's like Bond; in the movies (and novels, I presume), he's about being stealthy. Sneaking around, manipulating ladies and people, outsmarting enemies. He doesn't kill many people, definitely not in broad daylight (often). There are great action sequences, but it's over the top and usually involves fisticuffs and vehicles. But how does that translate to games? Well, I know they don't worry about talking to people as a gameplay mechanic because no one has made a game about talking to people that's sold 8 million copies (except the Walking Dead. Thank you, Telltale). What about exploring environments and being sneaky? Hmmm... even though there are games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear that focus on stealth, again no, because programming good AI for enemies in those games is hard. Oh that's right - NOW I remember how they translate Bond to video games! He becomes a heavily armed homicidal maniac who murders armies and armies of faceless guards. I forgot, that's how teh vidya games work! Because all players are terrorist-killing meatheads. Durrr.

    So Star Trek is intent on going in a more actioney direction these days; that's something we can't control. As far as shooters go, this looks very solid. Digital Extremes is always solid. I'm especially happy to see some variety to the campaign. The away shuttle stuff, the space jumps, and I'm genuinely surprised to see any sort of "control the Enterprise" mode - I'm pretty sure that wasn't in there last year. It's like they're actually listening a bit to fans! Reminds me of the old, "way too ambitious for the tech" Star Wars games, like Shadows of the Empire? Where there was third person shooting, 3rd person vehicle stuff, racing modes, on-rails shooter... it's nice to see game go for that kind of variety again.

    By the way, Namco, why can't you market Ninokuni like this?
  • Between this and Castlevania, that pretty much sums up my hope for new titles this year. Good thing I haven't start Borderlands 2!

  • Not on my birthday...

  • nice. i love Star Trek. hope this turns out good

  • How long has this been in development?
  • hope it does well. do hope that it give quite a bit of variety and has a tight script.
    nice to see the screen actors part of the game, gives more weight to the product.

    we'll see