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Star Trek

Kirk And Spock Deliver A Co-Op Experience

The Star Trek franchise got a much-needed boost with J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot. Early next year, gamers will get a chance to explore this reimagined universe as either Kirk or Spock in a video-game adaptation that bridges the events between the first film and its upcoming sequel. You may want to enlist a friend for this adventure, because it's been designed with co-op in mind.

Namco Bandai showed off a new trailer for the game last week at its Global Gamers Day, which you can see here today for the first time. In it, you can get a taste of some of the action that's in store.

The developers at Digital Extremes worked closely with Paramount Pictures and Abrams' Bad Robot production company to make the game as faithful to the movies as possible. This means that the game version of the Enterprise was built using ILM-provided models from the film. 

Players can choose to play as Kirk or Spock, and they each have their own strengths on the field. Kirk is great for players who like to rush headlong into combat, while Spock is a good pick for folks who like to hang back and be more strategic. Both of their phasers can be upgraded throughout their adventure, allowing Kirk to fire even more deadly blasts, while Spock can disable enemies with a stasis field.

Look for Star Trek on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC early next year.

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  • kinda reminds me of Mass effect series... *sniff*sniff*
    bioware should have done addition
  • except there won't be so many stupid complaints about the ending, hopefully
  • Seems cool. I usually stay far away from movie Licensed games, but perhaps...
  • This looks...more like a single player game.

    Edit: Or coop, not mmo, you know what I mean.
  • As a life long trekkie (see profile pic), I'm cautiously optimistic about this game. A good Star Trek game is like a good video game movie, it's theoretically possible, but I've yet to see it get done.
  • The game looks decent, seems faithful to Star Trek. I'm not huge into Star Trek, but know enough to be a fan. I might pick this up, but not right away for me. Needless to say I did like the footage that I saw.

  • yeah I definitely see Mass Effect

  • I guess there's no path for diplomacy and seducing the female alien in order to succeed? It can't be Star Trek without that option. I don't believe in the "no win" scenario.

  • Set phasers to pew

  • hesitant at best

  • looks like Mass effect..... but more star trek'y

  • Awesome!

  • I might buy this game, but it'll depend what games come out near or around it.

  • Now this looks cool. I'm not a big star Trek fan, but it does look cool. And just as I rambled on how there were no co-op games...

  • It does resemble Mass Effect. That's not a terrible thing though..

  • This. Will. Suck.

    I wish it wasn't true, but name one great movie tie-in game. Please. Just one.
  • This is a maybe... but my friend is a Trek fan so perhaps it will be a good co-op

  • Could be good.

    I'll keep an eye out

  • (William Shatner impression)Spock.....Wehaveto.....fight...ourwayout of here! *Zips halfway across the room* the aliens have.....overrun shirt is *zips outside* increasingly tight *Back in living room* because I'm.....getting fatter..

  • Nice.  Looked pretty smooth and clean.  Can't wait to check out co-op.

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