Pro Strategy - We're gonna be getting lots of trophies! Turn everyone to manual. I'm assuming that because you're reading the this strategy, you know how to do everything I tell you, so I'm going to tell you what to do, not always how to do it. I'm also assuming that you did these things before the battle:

1. Got Edge and Reimi to level 10.

2. Got Edge's BEAT: S level and Reimi's BEAT: B level to 10.

3. Leveled up Edge's Stampede Slash to 2, but not higher.

4. Set Stampede Slash on both of Edge's special art slots.

5. Lastly, and somewhat leastly, healed at the HS before jumping down to fight.

Alrighty, let me come 17 battle trophies in -one- battle! Good luck! I'll try listing these in the order that you should get them, but there's always wiggle room. Here they are:

[Land 10 consecutive hits unassisted] (Faize)

[Land 20 consecutive hits unassisted] (Faize)

[Land 30 consecutive hits unassisted] (Faize)

[Land 60 consecutive long-range attacks] (Reimi)

[Land 72 consecutive long-range attacks] (Reimi)

[Land 85 consecutive long-range attacks] (Reimi)

[Land 20 hits during Rush Mode] (Edge)

[Land 20 consecutive hits unassisted] (Edge)

[Land 30 consecutive hits unassisted] (Edge)

[Land five critical his in a row] (Reimi)

[Land six critical his in a row] (Reimi)

[Land seven critical his in a row] (Reimi)

[Deal at least 100 points of damage] (Reimi)

[Land a critical hit on an enemy's weak point] (Reimi)

[Deal at least 100 points of damage] (Faize)

[Use an earth symbol on an enemy weak to earth] (Faize)

[Land a hit on an enemy's weak point] (Faize)

Sound fun? There's actually one I didn't list, but that's because I couldn't get it (it's to deal 500 points of damage with Edge). Without further ado...

1. To get the first 3 trophies listed, switch to Faize at the beginning of the battle. Make sure that Armaros is targeting another character, then go to town with his *amazing* A combos. Remind you of a certain half-clothed man with a katana? Don't let Faize die!

2. Switch to Reimi and make Armaros forget about Faize and target you. Now do 85 consecutive long-range (that just means that you can't do any short-range attacks in between) attacks.

3. Switch to Edge and make Armaros target you. Charge up your Rush Gauge to 100% using the "holding B" method. Armaros' Rush Gauge should now be at 0%. Initiate a blindside and during the slo-mo part, go into Rush. Do a 3 combo, chain it into an RT Stampede Slash, then an LT Stampede Slash, then into another 3 combo. Repeat until you [Land 30 consecutive hits unassisted] (Edge).

4. Switch back to Reimi. Now do 7 blindsides with one A attack. After the 7 blindsides, destroy Armaros' shell if it hasn't been already. Do one Rush'd blindside and you should do a critical hit that hits it's bright blue weak spot. You'll do 100 damage too.

5. Switch to Faize and use his special art-that's-really-a-symbol Earth Glaive. It should do all 3 of the last battle trophies at the same time. If not do it again.

6. If Earth Glaive doesn't kill Armaros, do what I couldn't. I do know how to do it, though. Switch once again back to Edge, charge up his rush gauge, then do a blindside with no A attacks; instead use only Stampede Slash. If the last hit of Stampede Slash lands before Armaros dies, it will [Deal at least 500 points of damage] (Edge).

If your bonus board gets destroyed, or if Faize dies (you'll want him to get the EXP from your blue bonus board), reload your save file. Note that you'll have to regain all your blue bonus board tiles if that happens! Not fun. I know firsthand. Yeah! That was fun!!!

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