Are you stuck? Is that causing you frustration? After you read this guide, you can just throw that frustration away because I am going to tell you how to get to every planet in Star Fox 64 3D! After months of playing Star Fox 64 3D, I have figured out how to get to each planet. Read below to see how to do this.

Note: The Monster Hunter found and told me the routes that are highlighted in yellow. Thank you Monster Hunter!

Meteo: You must beat Corneria NORMALLY. Don't take the alternate path that is described on this guide below.

Fichina: You must beat Meteo. You just have to beat Meteo NORMALLY. Don't take the alternate path that is described on this guide below.

Sector X: Do not defeat Star Wolf in Fichina, if you let the bomb explode then you will go to Sector X ; In Katina, let the mother ship destroy the base then destroy the mother ship

Titania: You must beat Spyborg (Sector X's boss) AFTER Slippy gets swatted to Titania.

Bolse: You must beat Titania; You must beat Macbeth NORMALLY (Don't shoot all 8 switches).

Venom #1: You must beat Bolse. (#2 is better)

Venom #2: You must beat Area 6. (Better than #1)

Katina: You must fly through ALL of the blue rings you will see in Meteo. If you miss only one then you can't go to Katina and you will go to Fichina; If you do not get 100 points in Sector Y (99 or less) then you will go to Katina.

Solar: In Katina, destroy the mother ship before it destroys the base ; Defeat Star Wolf in Fichina before the bomb explodes

Macbeth: You must beat Solar ; You must get caught by the security lights at Zoness (Do not shoot at least one of the lights) ; You must beat Spyborg (Sector X's boss) BEFORE Slippy gets swatted to Titania

Area 6: Peppy will tell you to shoot the 8 switches in Macbeth, if you succesfully shoot all 8 of them then you are one step closer to reaching Area 6. After you shoot all 8 switches, you must shoot a lever on top of a box that has 8 green lights; In Sector Z, you must destroy all copperhead missiles aiming for Great Fox. If you miss one and it hits the ship then you can't go to Area 6.

Sector Y: Before you do this you NEED Falco to be alive. If he is not alive then you can't get to Sector Y and instead you will go to Meteo. In order to get to Sector Y, you must fly through ALL of the rock archs. After you do that, Falco will tell you "Follow me, Fox!" and you two will go through a waterfall, where you must fight a different boss.

Aquas: You must get 100 points in Sector Y. If you get even 99 (I did that once) then you can't go to Aquas.

Zoness: You must beat Aquas.

Sector Z: Shoot ALL of the security lights in Zoness. If you miss one light then you can't go to Sector Z. It can be tricky, but it's possible; In Sector X, there will be a fork in the path and you have to choose to go either left or right. Go left and you will see a hole (on your right) in the giant machine thing. Go through that hole and shoot down all of the gates and fly through them to warp to Sector Z.

These are all the ways I found. I'm not sure if there are more ways to get to these planets, but at least I have the ways to get to each planet! I hope this guide helped you! Thank you for reading this guide and happy new year!