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Star Citizen Developer Diary Marks $30 Million In Funding

Star Citizen has passed another funding goal, hitting the $30 million mark. Developer Roberts Space Industries have also released a new developer diary detailing the challenges of reinvigorating a lost genre.

You can check out the developer diary for the game below. Each funding hurdle means new features for the game, and passing the $30 million mark adds a huge space yacht ship to the game – The Origin 890 JUMP. There are only two more stretch goals to meet for the game. The $31 and $32 million marks will each add new ships to the game.

For more on Star Citizen, you can our interview with the man behind the project, Chris Roberts, by heading here.

Thanks to Doug Maley for the news tip!

[Source: Roberts Space Industries]

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  • this is NOT Cyberia 2 SR EPS. 4!!!! Where is it????
  • I'm beginning to think that this game is getting too large to be successful. I feel as if there is so much hope and build up that this game will ultimately be a huge letdown.
  • Ah, a developer who is willing to harness the complete power of PC, truly amazing.

  • Geez thats a ton of support. I know there aren't any plans for it, but I would like to see this on PS4 and X1. I'm sure they'd have to downscale some things, but still.
  • I would be both sad and happy if they decided to release this game on consoles. Happy that we could have more people enjoying this great experience (because I know there are people who only play console games), but sad at the same time because I feel having this title as a computer exclusive would tell the world that computer gaming is always able to push the envelopes while console gaming is stuck with a set of hardware for five to ten years.
  • This game is going to be amazing. Hopefully will manage to find someone to build my next pc for me to max Star Citizen out.
  • I really hope this game is much more like old school 100% freedom sandbox space sims and not even remotely close to boring ass Eve Online.
  • I am really looking forward to this game, the way it's going it's looking to define the actual next generation of video games in general (ie. not consoles).  

    I have to admit, there's a lot of ambition insofar as the promises are concerned, but they are not being held to any specific release dates or publisher pressure to get the game out.

    I don't think they're going to have an excuse next year if they come out with a message that they're going to need more funding though, but I'll remain optimistic where that's concerned.

  • This game looks awesome but I know my PC will never be able to run it :(
  • 1.5 years left until full game release . Can't wait , will love to see their motion capturing in Squadron 42 cutscenes .

  • There is more than two more stretch goals, they only announce two at a time. They have a poll up for the 33 million goal right now and they will have two more polls for what ships to add for the 34 and 35 goals.