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  • Forum Post: Dear Mr. Kollar,

    While my own review of EA Canada's SSX borderlines of fan-boy clamoring, I truly do feel that your review for the game shortchanges it to quite an extent. As I was reading along, I very quickly gained the impression that it was composed and turned in during the first several hours of play, likely...
  • Forum Post: Great addition to the Franchise

    While many aspects of a game can be reviewed objectivly it is still mostly a subjective arena. I would say that close to 70% of the time I agree with the ratings in Game Informer. I am not a person to complain that this or that should get a better rating because my subjective experiance was better than...
  • Forum Post: A Legitimate Return for SSX?

    SSX appears to be wanting some serious attention from fans who enjoyed this last-generation hit. Returning and new characters should draw some attention. New feature will also be a definite head-turner, but will it be enough to earn the same respect its relatives possess?Do you think the SSX appearance...
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