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A Legitimate Return for SSX?

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  • SSX appears to be wanting some serious attention from fans who enjoyed this last-generation hit. Returning and new characters should draw some attention. New feature will also be a definite head-turner, but will it be enough to earn the same respect its relatives possess?Do you think the SSX appearance on the current generation will be a genuine success or a definite flop? please share your thoughts.

  • I barely remember the old games but, based on what I've seen, I would say yes! This game just looks awesome and I will be picking it up at it's midnight launch. This game will succeed, even if it wasn't an SSX title!

  • Obviously I can't comment until getting some time with the game but the only other game I can think of that requires a wing suit to get through a level was overblood 2... and that 'went well'.

  • So all I'm getting from this review is that the reviewer sucks at SSX and wasn't good enough to beat any of the Survive It challenges, and decided to passive-aggressively attack SSX by giving it a lower rating.

    What a b*tch.

  • Not that I'm going to use Lance's vernacular, but I have to agree with him in spirit. I think the game is positioned for its generation. I've now played every SSX except Blur, and I was honestly tired of the series until now. That said, if Phil has an issue, he should just petition for an HD arcade release of the original games rather than bugging about how this is not an arcade-esque re-imagining of the old games. This is new, and to answer the question, the reception is going to be mixed, but I still contend that they've built a game for this generation instead of riding their laurels.

  • Ok, im a huge fan of SSX as a whole, and my level of excitement for this reboot was through the roof. While i cant say it's a great game, i will say it's the best snowboarding title available by far. The elements are there for this to be huge, but some irritants put a damper on an otherwise solid product. All in all, I'd say every aspect of SSX is top-notch until i play a number of courses that leave me scratching my head to say the least. The game modes rock, tricks rock, replay value is very high, but the cracks and crevices to which you will fall in during the course of racing/tricking/surviving are the biggest and really the only downside to an otherwise adrenaline pumping, stellar experience. 8.75 out of 10.

  • Must have Title; long time comming I think it's sick!

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