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  • Blog Post: SSX

    SSX is a good snowboarding game but not a good SSX game. The reboot of the series tries to take the series in a more serious direction but the game suffers because of it. The gameplay is solid, smooth, and easy to pick up but other parts of the game aren’t as good. There is no spiltscreen but the... More
  • Blog Post: SSX Review

    SSX Review: Almost perfect This is the first SSX game to come out on the PS3 and Xbox 360. SSX has made it back in the minds of the modern gamer. When SSX was first revealed it seemed to be a darker game than its predecessors. I never do get very excited about sport games and never before about a snowboarding... More
  • Blog Post: Good

    I have never been a big fan of sport games, arcade or otherwise. But SSX's charm caught me and kept me despite its misgivings. All the night levels are bad but the last level, the final "boss" where you have to move very fast but careful is way to cheap. The Multiplayer is good, but could... More
  • Blog Post: A Great Game with Great Flaws

    SSX is one of those games that breaks your heart. The previews looked great, and within a few hours of playing I knew that it was great. Which makes the glaring mistakes and missed opportunities hurt all the more. With the amount of fun I have had with it, I wish I could rate it higher. But reviews are... More
  • Blog Post: Awesome Reality Defying Trix JUST GOT REAL!

    I enjoy snowboarding games a lot, particularly because I suffer from such bad balancing skills that I can't do it on the slopes myself. So when I first read about this game I was thrilled. I've been a longtime SSX fan, particularly for all the flashy trix, but I had always wanted an added touch... More
  • Blog Post: Preserves and respects classic SSX entries while totally blowing them all away.

    Why is SSX a success? Anyone could cite a dozen reasons regarding the excellent craftsmanship and pure. fan pandering execution that EA Canada has delivered with its 2012 opus. The soundtrack is incredible (and yes, can be imported), the presentation is slick, the characters are as iconic as ever, and... More
  • Blog Post: A New Mechanic that Falls Short

    When I first heard about SSX's reboot, I was excited to see how the new survival mechanic would be implemented in the game. But, I thought it would be a little part of the story mode, not a third of the whole game like it was. The story pits you, Team SSX, against Team Griff, in a race to see who... More
  • Blog Post: SSX: Almost Everything I Wanted

    Want to know whether or not to buy SSX? I've written 3 reviews for you to choose from, ordered by increasing length. Read about what I thought in as few or as many words as you like. Two Quick Notes: The Platform Edge: I played SSX for 360 and PS3 for this review. The PS3 has the exclusive Mount... More
  • Blog Post: An Awesome Game.

    SSX is one of the best games I have played this year. I loved everything about the game from it's graphics to it's controls and game mechanics. Also it's soundtrack compliments the game well. One of the best parts about SSX is it's game mechanics. Doing tons of flips, turns, grabs and... More
  • Blog Post: Restart, again, and again, and again, and again...

    This game is no fun. If you enjoy restarting a run every 10-15 seconds, not because you are trying to get the best time, or the best scoring run, but because the game has flung you off into the abyss and there is no way to recover, then you might like this game. I felt like I was getting my head bashed... More
  • Blog Post: Remembering the classics

    SSX is one extremely fun game. That can easily be said. However, one other thing that can be said is that it's one of the most polished and well made snowboarding games ever made. The mechanics work very well and it's always fun to enter the game just to simply quench your thirst of wanting to... More
  • Blog Post: ....

    graphics are just aweosme.. EA have done a lot of work in this one.. More
  • Blog Post: Best of SSX with a twist

    I have played all of the SSX games from the beginning (Minus the Wii title) This game takes the best of On Tour and jacks up your options of play. Giving you 9 areas surrounding a theme of extreme snowboarding. i.e. trees , Wing suits , Ice axes , Rocks ,Thin air ect. Its probably the most you can stuff... More
  • Blog Post: Playing the demo doesn't count

    Sorry but playing demos of games shouldn't really be a reliable source of information. Playing a complete version of a game should. With that said, I picked this up and playing through it at the same time playing against my friends times/scores. Occasionally we will meet up on a run, which not the... More
  • Blog Post: Worth the price, but not the promised game

    SSX isa true successor to SSX 3, considering "SSX: On Tour" and "SSX: Blur" weren't very appreciated. The game starts with you being thrust into two tutorials which explained the game to you. EA does a great job of slowly raising the difficulty throughout the game. As i went on... More
  • Blog Post: Good Trip Down Memory lane

    This game is incredibly fun and challenging, the new dual analog control adds a sense of more control and feels natural, there are a few frustrating glitches that come with rewind, but other than that this is the a game that has been missing from the world for a long time and needed to come back. It's... More
  • Blog Post: Great Game

    This franchise needed a reboot and it got the one it deserved. I will admit that while this game has its faults the gameplay and graphics make up for it. The faults are minor though like the ability to not change a song while on a mountain and not being able to team up with a friend in a party. But the... More
  • Blog Post: Great Rebot of a Classic Franchise

    When I heard that this game was coming out boy was I excited. It brought back great memorys of playing SSX 3 on the gamecube. This game is flat out great, it retains the fun old features of previous entries of the franchise but brings it all together with great new ideas. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack... More
  • Blog Post: SSX, As good as we remember?

    Concept: Reboot the classic arcade style, rack up the points, snowboarding game from the Ps2/Xbox era. When announced, people thought that it was going to be too dark, boasting realistic mountains and dark, twisted characters that looked a bit familiar. But after the quick backlash of traditional ssx... More
  • Blog Post: Next to perfect!

    The SSX reboot is awesome and I really want to give it a 9, or even a 10, but I'm giving it an 8. It gets that for the one, and IMO only, fact that it feels like alot of the tracks are set up to make you fail. I can't tell you how many times I've jumped off a ramp, pulling off some really... More
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