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  • Blog Post: A Great Game with Great Flaws

    SSX is one of those games that breaks your heart. The previews looked great, and within a few hours of playing I knew that it was great. Which makes the glaring mistakes and missed opportunities hurt all the more. With the amount of fun I have had with it, I wish I could rate it higher. But reviews are... More
  • Blog Post: SSX: Almost Everything I Wanted

    Want to know whether or not to buy SSX? I've written 3 reviews for you to choose from, ordered by increasing length. Read about what I thought in as few or as many words as you like. Two Quick Notes: The Platform Edge: I played SSX for 360 and PS3 for this review. The PS3 has the exclusive Mount... More
  • Blog Post: An Awesome Game.

    SSX is one of the best games I have played this year. I loved everything about the game from it's graphics to it's controls and game mechanics. Also it's soundtrack compliments the game well. One of the best parts about SSX is it's game mechanics. Doing tons of flips, turns, grabs and... More
  • Blog Post: Great Rebot of a Classic Franchise

    When I heard that this game was coming out boy was I excited. It brought back great memorys of playing SSX 3 on the gamecube. This game is flat out great, it retains the fun old features of previous entries of the franchise but brings it all together with great new ideas. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack... More
  • Blog Post: SSX: It's True Review

    I'm so glad that EA made a new SSX game. I played the demo, I loved it. I played the game, I became addicted to it. Not like sky rim addicted. Even though I am a huge fane of the franchise, I gave this game a solid 9 for these reasons. This is the best gameplay i have seen since god of war 3. The... More
  • Blog Post: Best Entry in the Series Yet

    As a kid, the only game I played on a daily basis was SSX Tricky. I must have played that game for months until SSX On Tour came out and was not what I was expecting, in terms of design and overall entertainment. When SSX was announced at the VGA's a year ago, I was thrilled to play a longtime favorite... More
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