SSX is a good snowboarding game but not a good SSX game. The reboot of the series tries to take the series in a more serious direction but the game suffers because of it.

The gameplay is solid, smooth, and easy to pick up but other parts of the game aren’t as good.  There is no spiltscreen but the game does feature Global Events, where you compete against other players online to set the best times and scores. However I never really got into Global Events and craved a more standard multiplayer experience.

All races in the game have been reduced to just basically time trails. Now races to most were never the best part of the series but I have fond memories of races in SSX Tricky, SSX 3 and am sad to see what has become of them. Trick events on the other hand are still fun and very well done; with hitting a string of difficult combos still very rewarding and exhilarating. Survive It is a new mode added to the series, which tasks the player with a surviving a course by making it the bottom without dying using different equipment. However most of the Survive it tracks are annoying and frustrating especially when they sometimes stick their noses into Races and Trick events.

 SSX has over a 100 tracks giving the player a huge variety of courses too choose from, thou many are ruined by the bottomless pits that if you fall in forces you to restart the entire track.

SSX also features a story mode but the plot is totally moronic. Some reason the good guys of the story are 9 different snowboarders trying to race down 9 different mountains called the Nine Deadly Descents before one guy (Griff) does it by himself…some reason beating that one guy doesn’t seem like something you could brag about. The story is told through comics but the characters have been totally stripped of there personalities.

SSX is a good game just to pick up and play at anytime but in the end I'd still rather play go back and SSX Tricky on my PS2, which is 10 years old.