SSX Review: Almost perfect

     This is the first SSX game to come out on the PS3 and Xbox 360. SSX has made it back in the minds of the modern gamer. When SSX was first revealed it seemed to be a darker game than its predecessors. I never do get very excited about sport games and never before about a snowboarding game. So I let SSX go by my radar until the demo was released. That was when I experienced what an adrenaline rush a snowboarding game can really be! I knew I had to play more of this game. So if you asked me if I like SSX, I would have to say yes and then some. From the gameplay, graphics, sounds, and controls SSX is almost perfect but does have its flaws. One of these biggest flaws is the story.

    SSX does not have an impactful story. It's the classic beat this guy around the world so you and your group named the SSX can rightfully have your place on top. The story is downright cheesy, but that is not why one would play SSX in the first place. If anyone knew anything about the earlier SSX games, you would know that story is not what draws attention to this franchise. SSX is about getting the highest score you can get, and doing the most outrages trick imaginable. But the times have changed. In no way is this an excuse but a reality. The developers obviously thought nothing of the story. But in this day and age everything is important to a game. I recall Fight Night Champion which was released last year had a very compelling story. This proves the notion that a good story can be found in a sports game. To make a good story you need to want to make a good story which I think the developers did not bother to care. Maybe when they make the next SSX they will devote more time to a fantastic story.

      The gameplay feels tight and precise. The best thing about SSX is that anyone can pick it up and play. The more you play the more complex you can combine tricks and find the biggest jumps to get the biggest air. That is not all the gameplay has to offer, there is also a survive it mode that at times can be very annoying and very fun. When playing survive it you have to watch out for holes and cliffs that if you do fall into them, you end in immediate death. Luckily there is a rewind button that lets you rewind time to correct your mistakes but does take away points every time you use it.  SSX reminds me of the days I would play a Tony Hawk game for hours and go into a peaceful adrenaline filled trance. This may be why I love SSX so much; it brings me back to my younger simpler years of being a gamer.

     The graphics in SSX are beautiful and astounding. I was rushing down a mountain that was filled with rugged rocks scattered all around and littered with trees that are covered with snow that causally plop down from the limbs. It will take your breath away! You might be able to catch all of this beauty if you have time to notice as you plummeting down a mountain. The snow gleams with beauty and the sky is as blue as the ocean. The character models look real but would be a lot better if you could customize your character completely. I feel this would be the icing on the cake. Once again this could be something to work on in the next game.

    The sounds in SSX will immerse you in the world of SSX. Sometimes when you get big air in the game your character will scream out of excitement. It really does make you feel like someone is in this world. The sound track that plays as you play the game is filled with easy going music that is not overbearing but not to soothing to make you fall asleep. The soundtrack is nothing special but it does get the job done. I remember Tony Hawk Underground franchise had a fantastic soundtrack that had an impressive amount of great songs. I would have preferred more of a soundtrack with classics and memorable songs.  

   SSX is a very impressive game. If you have been looking for a game that is adrenaline filled and has a high replay value, this is the game for you. But if you were looking for a story driven game that keeps you on edge the whole time, this game is not for you. You may still enjoy falling off a couple actual edges during your play through of SSX. In my final comment I would like to say that SSX is a fantastic game that came back into the industry with its gloves off and put the other snowboarding games of this generation to shame, but that was not the hardest task in the world. After playing SSX I have high hope for what this franchise is becoming and could be. I would give SSX an 8.5/10.