I enjoy snowboarding games a lot, particularly because I suffer from such bad balancing skills that I can't do it on the slopes myself. So when I first read about this game I was thrilled. I've been a longtime SSX fan, particularly for all the flashy trix, but I had always wanted an added touch of realism.

Having played the game I can say the game does not disappoint. The franchise staples are all there. Super fast downhill drops all over the world allow for ridiculous execution of downhill madness and a lot of swagger.

There is no shortage of insane trickery to be had, what with all the different combos one can execute I bet a single run can be strung up into one trick - I dare anyone to try it. Plus there is a rewind button for when you fu@k up and that squirrel suit to really mix things up.

Along with the masterfully created environments there is high enough level of character customization to please even the most nit - picky of players, even if there is no trick customization. Add to this the clever addition of gear (that can be annoying) and there is plenty here for a makings of a fun experience.

Anyone after the achievements will be happy to add geotags, badges and a few other collectibles to the hunt thus further adding to the appeal of the game.

This game also incorporates your friends in the mix with the multiplayer. You can compete against your friends' runs on your own time and earn credits doing it to further establish your downhill slope supremacy, defy reality and OWN THE PLANET!