This game is no fun. If you enjoy restarting a run every 10-15 seconds, not because you are trying to get the best time, or the best scoring run, but because the game has flung you off into the abyss and there is no way to recover, then you might like this game. I felt like I was getting my head bashed in because I didn't know the course, and even when I spent the time learning it, I would take a jump, or a few jumps in a row, only to land in a bottomless chasm. Sure the game lets you rewind, a few times, but usually you have to rewind so far back to set up a new line that it isn't worth it. If you were in a race and had to rewind, you lost and you might as well start over.

The only thing I give this game any credit for is that it looks great, there is a lot of content, and the feeling of finally accomplishing the run feels great. Surviving the mountains is more of a pain than anything, even when you do get your equipment up to snuff.