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Playing the demo doesn't count

Sorry but playing demos of games shouldn't really be a reliable source of information. Playing a complete version of a game should. With that said, I picked this up and playing through it at the same time playing against my friends times/scores. Occasionally we will meet up on a run, which not the smoothest process, and have tons close to what we do when we actually snowboard IRL. Well minus the ridiculous tricks and insanely large jump but I guess thats part of the fun of SSX. Everything you remember about SSX is there and more. From the excellent level designs to the different types of survival runs. Personally I like the additions like pulse goggles, wing suits, ETC because it adds some strategy to get the most out of your runs. Having these new elements do detract from the solo experience because there is more to manage but if games don't try new things you might as well just play the old version, cough CoD cough. Still, it is not like these new things are out of place or the game comes to a skreeching halt because of them. I only have 2 minor complaints, again joining up with friends is kind of a pain and where the hell is Lake Tahoe or Breckenridge/Aspen or Whistler/Blackcomb!? DLC hopefully...


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