Reboot the classic arcade style, rack up the points, snowboarding game from the Ps2/Xbox era. When announced, people thought that it was going to be too dark, boasting realistic mountains and dark, twisted characters that looked a bit familiar. But after the quick backlash of traditional ssx junkies like me, they started showing parts of the game that looked more and more traditional, until the final product which I would describe as a healthy 70/30 mix of arcade to serious.


The game looks gorgeous, from the signature snowboard trail to the all-new helicopter interactions. When you go into tricky mode and your hands catch the visual tricky spirit, they begin to leave trails. Furthermore, when you are doing a FS 4140 Skyscraper Tweak the screen is lit up like the ‘trick’ candles on your grandparents 100th birthday. The backgrounds jump out at you and the red glow of flares give you a nice visual cue on where to go.


This is one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time. With rap, dub step, indie rock and others it has a bit of everything. Another cool feature is that you can import your own soundtrack which will help for all those who don’t the music choices are all that interesting. Now for the good part. The music directors made one of the coolest things I’ve seen in years in that everything you do remixes it on the fly. Grinding a rail? It stutters and repeats. Have a monster jump? It fades away and grows until it returns to full volume when you rider hits the powder.


The controls function much better than any other snowboarding/skateboarding game out there. Whether you use the classic shoulder button controls as I do or the new face/right stick controls, they both work wonders. My only complaint is slight, and it’s that after a few hour of play, serious play, your thumbs will start to hurt.


This game kept me hooked for around 7 hours on the first night alone, and that’s with the first COD content drop on ps3 and my vita also vying for time. Since then it’s still sitting around 3 to 4 hours a night, and have barely made a dent. The trophies seem difficult but attainable, and I can’t wait to play more. The multiplayer is awesome, and challenging your friends constantly is great and I have a feeling it will only get better as more people continue to play.

Extra Stuff:

Now to hit a hot topic. The survival descents aren’t what I would have hoped for, but I don’t really mind. Some I started hating but ended up loving while others vice versa. Although these are definitely road bumps, I think the rest of it helps smooth it out. My next thing, and this is big, is that my score is assuming that the future dlc is as good s they have promised. From what I have heard there will possibly even be reboots of some of the best old tracks.

Summing it up:

To sum it up, the survival tracks can be overlooked. I love this game and would recommend it to anyone. If you liked my review friend me on psn, CometIndy. Thanks for reading.