It's been a long time since Chris Hecker opened the early access beta for his intriguing indie title, SpyParty, but this week the developer released an impressive visual update to the game that brings its characters to life.

SpyParty is an experimental indie game that pits two players against each other in a novel way. As an attendee of a swank party, one player must blend in with upscale NPCs while performing a variety of tasks such as stealing a statue and placing a bug on an ambassador. The other player plays the role of a sniper, and must identify the human player from an adjacent building and take him or her out. Behavior and deception are key elements of the game, which has been slowly evolving over the past few years.

This week's update is the most promising one yet, as Hecker has started to incorporate new art, which features slightly stylized character models that fit perfectly with the spy motif. In a blog post on the official SpyParty site, Hecker says that only five characters have been updated so far, and only some of their animations have been implemented. Still, as evident in the video below, the new art is a big step in making SpyParty feel less like an experimental project and more like a game.

Beta participants can check out the art themselves right now by simply logging into the game, which will initiate the update. If you're not member, you can still sign up at the SpyParty website. For more on the game and its developer, read our interview with Chris Hecker

[Source: SpyParty website via Polygon]