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  • Sports champions is a great way to kick off Sony's Move Campaign

    I couldn't wait to play Sports champion, and I had a blast. Sports champion is a great motion use game, and hours of fun. Graphics are really good. One of the best looking motion control games. Sound is pretty good. You have 6 games to choose from... More
  • Go for the Gold!

    Every motion controller gets a sports game to go along with it, Wii Sports for Wii and Kinect Sports for Xbox 360's Kinect, and Sports Champions is no different with PlayStation Move. It's been about two months since the release of Sony's... More
  • Sports Champions Outplays Wii Sports In Every Way

    Many gamers are quick to dismiss Move as a simple Wii clone, but Sports Champions does as good of a job showing off the exciting feats the new peripheral can accomplish.

    ... More