Every motion controller gets a sports game to go along with it, Wii Sports for Wii and Kinect Sports for Xbox 360's Kinect, and Sports Champions is no different with PlayStation Move. It's been about two months since the release of Sony's motion controller and with it a mediocre launch line up, but Sports Champions is a bit different. 

Sports Champions has six different games in it: table tennis, bocce, archery, gladiator duel, disc golf, and volleyball. These games can be played with one motion controller but a few (volleyball, gladiator duel, and archery) can support two Move controllers to make the gameplay even more realistic. 

Archery has cool variations of the game that keep it fresh instead of the same old thing. You can play tic-tac-toe, trying to land your mark before your opponent does and one where you have to push a sled across a field using your arrows. Unfortunately not every game on this disc has cool variations, bocce ball is the same thing, just tossing balls, and disc golf is just throwing discs. They don't have any cool, wacky variations to mix up the gameplay, it gets pretty old pretty quick. 

In volleyball you use the Move controller to spike, dig, set, etc. while the computer automatically moves your character. This doesn't provide for much entertainment as you're just waiting for a green ring to appear around the ball to give you the okay to swing. Table tennis is quite fun, as you can get some good spins on the ball and hit it hard enough to catch fire. The biggest combo-breaker for me is trying to hit the ball on the opposite corner of my dominate hand, trying to quickly get the paddle over there without prematurely hitting the ball is tough work. 

Last but not least is gladiator duel. You can use two controllers for a sword and shield, or one controller acting as both. This game is a hit and a miss because all you're doing his swinging your sword at the opponent hoping to land a strike. Speaking of strikes, there is a power up move called "Super Strike" which gives you enhanced strength. This part can be fun as hitting your opponent during super strike will critically lower your opponents health, giving you an edge. 

Sports Champions can be a fun pick up game with your friends, battling and challenging each other for sports glory, but the game is rather bland. The characters have no personalities and little to no dialog, just a bunch of moans and groans. You can unlock new outfits, but what's the point if you don't care for them? 

This isn't Sony's killer app for the Move, but it's one that most first time Move buyer's will probably get to experience full Move gameplay. The game is simple and at times fun, but yet boring and bland at the same time.