Conviction should be considered a throwback with good graphics. I haven't had to deal with unlimited ammunition or the question of where to store it since I played with God Codes in Doom. Where exactly am I keeping all of this pistol ammunition? Then there is the whole issue of the lighting. Okay so I am black and white when I am in a shadow.... does that mean the whole world has to be? What about the silhouette that I create when there is a light behind me? I am no prude by any means but I do have children in the house and the fact that there was no way to turn off the cursing meant I either had to risk my kids picking up on the words or not hear the game. Then let’s move on to the VERY first level of the deniable ops. Half the time the 4th guy in the beginning the one that comes out of the door... well he tried to. He opens the right side door and hangs up on the left door. Lastly why it is acceptable to run around spraying everything with a machine gun? Or even to take 4 quick "Execution" shots? Then the enemy just walks over everything yelling at me to come out instead of looking around... just walking a beat like normal but this time with flashlights. All in all this game though descent was not one I would put in the splinter cell category. More of a Halo type game where you can spray and run or snipe from a distance.