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I Hate This Game.

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  • Seriously, I really do.


    Why is everyone so in love with this obviously glitchy cover system, among other things wrong with it...here I will list them.

    1) You take cover next to a door and press "A" to open it while still holding LT for cover, your character then proceeds to open the door and instead of going back to the same cover like he is supposed to, instead he now takes cover on the newly opened door in plain view of the enemies...


    2)Why are we only allowed to have suppressors on 25% of the weapons, this game is still supposed to be "STEALTH" based, so why are we not allowed to put suppressors on weapons that have suppressors in real life, such as the P99, the SCAR, the G36, etc..etc..etc... There should be an option to suppress at least 90% of weapons.


    3) That brings me to my next problem, why are we not allowed to remove weapon attachments? Maybe I want to take the red dot off my M4 once in a while because it looks better that way...Maybe for one mission I dont want a suppressor on my FN 5-7...I dont see why Ubisoft didnt think of this...it just seems like it should have been a common sense addition to me.


    4) There should be some multi-player/non story missions that don't require 20-45 minutes to complete. For most people the appeal of non-story gametypes is that they are able to sit down and play for 10 minutes and the go on to do something else...when you have it set up for 30 min games, it causes the game to get boring and repetitive, this was one of the things that made ODST Firefight less fun.

    5) Since there is mostly negative things here, I will point out one good thing with this game...It is phenomenal that a company finally learned how to be awesome with content, I love the weekly Free DLC for it, even though some people say its something we should have already had in the game. I think the way it was executed was nice. It makes you come back every Thursday and see whats new. It makes the game more exciting this way.



  • Is this the last splinter cell caue the whole series is getting old since last year and before

  • I don't think the game is bad. I have all the Splinter Cells(besides the psp one) and I ended up liking this one. It's just Splinter cell has been gone for a while now and needed some new action to the game. The cover system isn't 'amazing', but it is good once you get into it.

  • Are you kidding? I played only the first level and was amazed at how good it seemed!

  • thank u jets96y the game is amazing u just suck *** at playing video games soo *** off cause this game is tooo hard for u BOO *** WHOOO homo b*tch to: Justin grove

  • haha i know right

    Raider 365

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