Splinter Cell Conviction is definitely a different style of Splinter Cell games. However the changes were for the better in my opinion. With new abilities such as Mark and Execute, Last Known Position, and also a cover system, Conviction is an all-around masterpiece. The story is as good as any game out right now as well as the co-op play.

Presentation: One word sums up the graphics, stunning. The backgrounds are intense and realistic. The facial models are great, except the mouths don't flow with the dialogue that well. The new concept of displaying mission objectives on the landscape is a great new feature and is very helpful, as now you don't have to bring up the menu to see your missions. The graphics are great and the new objective displaying is an awesome feature.

Gameplay: New features in this game work very well and really make this game stand out from others. Mark and Execute as well as Last Know Position are very helpful. I really like the idea of getting a hand-to-hand kill in order to get an execute. Marking targets is also helpful even if they cannot be executed. The new Sam Fisher also has a different approach to moving around in Conviction. With the best cover system in 3rd person games today. The ability to move from cover to cover is easy and fluid. Also climbing pipes and getting on ledges is much quicker than previous Splinter Cell games. Sam gets up on down from walls and pipes easily and fast. Also, the customization of your guns and adding new gadgets on them is rewarding. It pays to do the challenges, as well as play through both campaigns to unlock all the weapons. I also really like getting new outfits for the co-op players.

Controls: The controls definitely take some getting used to. They are not difficult or confusing, just different. Such as crouch being the left bumper and reload not being X. Instead the X button is grenade, can be a costly mistake if you mix them up. For the most part, however, the controls are basic and similar to other games.

Sound: For some reason, the sound in this game struck me as being phenomenal. The voice acting is very good, but the explosions are unbelievable.  The enemies also behave like they should. Yes, they do swear quite often, but if you are being hunted by Sam Fisher, I would swear to.

Storyline: Wow. Splinter Cell Conviction has one of the most intriguing and confusing stories around. As Sam finds out about his daughters "death", he also finds out about double-agents in his agency, as well as his friends that he never really knew. One problem with the story being as good as it is, is that the length of this game is not long. With only about 5-6 hours of campaign gameplay, it really leaves you wanting more. With the story being so good though, it means that the campaign can be played through more than one time.

Deniable Ops/ Co-op: Conviction offers (in my opinion) the best cooperative play in any game today. Communicating to go through levels with complete stealth is fun as well as challenging. One of my favorite parts, however, is the Hunter game mode. With no objectives to worry about, all you have to do is eliminate everyone. Even though you can go though guns blazing, it is so much easier to go through stealthy. I also really like the Last Stand game mode, however I haven't played too much of this game mode.

- great graphics
- new gameplay features
- customization
- co-op
- game modes
- fantastic story line
- mission displaying on walls
- sound effects
- climbing
- controls are good
- different ways to approach each mission
- best co-op play
- stealth is still there

- dialogue doesn't match mouths very well
- controls take getting used to
- way too short

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction is an extremely well-made game. The new features to go along with the great story and graphics are the best. There is no better co-op game. Through all of the push-backs on the release date of this game, it was well worth the wait. Overall, I give this game a 9.25/10.