Having beat most of the Splinter Cell franchise, I must admit, I was ready ro a change. Sure, waiting around in dark corners for long periods of time, carefully calculating your enemies next move is fun, but it does get old, and it gets old fats. When I played the Splinter Cell games, I loved to lie in wait; the perfect hunter, stalking its prey, but I was ready to combine the run-in-with-guns-ablazin tactic with the hie in dark corners tactic, I like to have either as an option.

I am tired of people whining about how Splinter Cell is not true to the franchise, because it is. It just evolved from a silenced pistol, to a Spas-12 silenced shotgun. The stealth that Splinter Cell fans loved so dearly is still an option. there are always corners to hide in, silenced guns, sticky cams, surveillance cameras, lasers, and up-close and personal kills. 

There are many upgrades to the game. The graphics are stunning, as are the sound effects, the presentation is spot on, Sam's arsenal is upgraded, the story is better, and way, way more lights can be shot out. Oh, and did I mention the combat is up there with Gears of War? 

The game's success is largely due to presentation. The way that missions and tips and even video clips are projected onto the walls is amazing. The camera angles in the cut scenes are perfect. The cut scenes themselves are astonishing. 

The icing on the cake is the co-op mode It is a shorter, but still nearly full length campaign mode. It is much improved from the clunky, and forceful feel of double agent. Te missions are fun, and being able to stealth around is excellent fun.

Finally, mark and execute is awesome. It is really cool, and not too easily given, as you must have a hand to hand kill to get one. 

If you like to call yourself a gamer, buy this game. Now. it is great.