This game is stunning. I have not played a splinter cell game in a long time.  Though I did enjoy them they were kinda of tedious with system of lighting and cover that was once used. This game does a great job proving a stealth game with options. It's fast moving enough were you wont have to wait for someone to pass you for 5 minutes till the cost is clear and yet you still are able to hide and sneak up on the AI through out the game. Although this is not a hard task because I strongly agree with the review of how annoying the AI is! Why the hell do they yell at you to come out of hiding, they might as well be yelling kill me kill me I'm over here!  I kind of enjoy the transition to black and white in the game I can see why it would be nice to keep things in color and have a stealth meter somewhere. Although I think a meter would take away from the mood of the game play.  However after giving it some thought it would not be less obtrusive if they used something on his body to indicate this similar to the health system in Dead Space. This would look  cool and keep color in dark areas and still give you the same feeling as playing in the dark would without all the black and white. The killing in this game was awesome! I loved it from the first time I took a guy down and Sam shot him in the arm and then in the head! With everything this game has to offer I definitely recommend taking a look into this game its lots of fun!