Splonter Cell: Conviction is one of the first games where i tried to be stealthy and outflank guys in a firefight and actually accomplish this goal. And as much as i love the whole; use the shadows and strike while hidden idea in video gaming, i just was never good at it. With this i feel like somebody that actually knows what they are doing. 

Also for me as a gamer it takes me some time to understand new mechanics and control schemes. Generally around two hours worth of playing to feel totally comfortable and understand my full capability. But not here. The gameplay is simple. Controls are a little wonky if you are a big time fps kind of gamer. But once you get the feel of it they are amazingly simple and easy to use. 

This game also has so much to offer outside of sams story (which i might add is better than any action spy movie apart from the bourne series and the show 24). There are multiple modes that you can continue to attempt to conquer alone and/or with a friend. 

This game is greatly balanced and a blast to play. This is the most badass i have ever felt in a video game that dosent include huge guns, flashy martial arts, or huge mech suits. And then it is still up there with the best for me.