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Splinter Cell: Blacklist


When it comes to splinter cell blacklist you are going to find missions where you just have to use stealth. love it or hate it, it's there anyway. for me i'm more of a rushing person but stealth is cool once in a while. when it comes to being stealthy you want quick take-downs,silent take-downs,and unnoticed take-downs. for example, if you find 2 enemies and shoot one the other automatically reacts. you can take care of that problem by tagging and executing both in under 5 seconds. that brings me to my point of your weapon.you always need a silencer to go stealthy. or a special weapon like the crossbow or stun gun. when behind cover if you want to easily kill or knockout an enemy from cover i would suggest using the attract button(select for xbox and ps3). don't use it too many times on one enemy or he'll know for sure there's an enemy behind that cover and open fire. use it once and he'll come over. when he gets close enough you can press x(or square) to do a takedown from cover and drag him behind cover so his friends dont realize. if you feel like just passing them by the smoke grenade can do you good. the tri-rotor can stun them or blow them up by controlling it. maybe even some sleep gas or tear gas for stealth. frag grenades can give away your position. sticky cameras to see what's around the corner. sticky noisemakers to attract enemies to a certain spot. use dead bodies as another attraction also.