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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Series Favorite Spies Vs. Mercs Mode Returns In New Trailer

Splinter Cell: Conviction was a great game, but Ubisoft forgot something on the multiplayer side of things. Fortunately, the popular Spies vs. Mercs mode is returning in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and it's bigger than ever.

The mode divides players into teams of spies or mercenaries. Spies have to infiltrate an installation and steal data from nodes, while the mercenaries do their best to prevent that from happening. Team sizes have crept up over the years, moving from old-school two against two matches to Double Agent's three on three competitions. Blacklist increases the pool one more tick, so now up to eight players can join in the fight over the mysterious data.

The clip above shows off the two factions and what they each offer. Spies have more gadgets, and they're able to fully take advantage of the environments by climbing up pipes or into spaces that mercs can't. On the other hand, the mercs are more heavily armed and can take more damage. The choice ultimately comes down to how you like to play. 

Look for Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U on August 20.

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  • lookin real nice

  • I saw this on my Xbox and memories of past splinter cell games came fleeting back...THANK GOD FOR THIS!

  • I'm glad Spies vs. Mercs is returning. It was a whole lot of fun in Chaos Theory.

  • Can't really tell the difference in this trailer between "spy" and "mercenary" given how much shooting and stealth kills that there are between both parties. Basically it's "Sam Fisher wannabes" vs. "Slightly different dressed Sam Fisher wannabes."

  • Holy cow this game looks so sick and its going to be the best of it's kind.
  • great game for the series.

  • Four on four is too many. I hope we are able to restrict squad size.

  • Ok it looks a little like Pandora tomorrow but kinda don't like the 4v4, but you never know if they have 2v2 or 3v3 game modes. Its pretty cool that you can choose what kind of weapon you want as a Merc and the exucutions are awesome, I really hope we can talk smack to the spies before we shoot em in the head, just like Chaos Theory.

    Thise time there better not be any damn "on all the time" heart beat sensors, and spies better be able to shoot that heart beat device the Mercs have. As a spy in Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, you actually had to move silently, and you COULD sneak up behind a guy.

    All & all the game looks like its having a nice return, no crazy advanced technology, and the maps look just like the old ones.

  • Please. No more permanent proximity detectors. Made it waaay too difficult for Spies. I like to hide out and play very stealthy. Can't do that when mercs can always find you. such thing as personal proximity detectors.