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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Watch 10 Minutes Of Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist creative director Maxime Beland walks Sam Fisher through a mission taking place on the Iraq/Iran border. Sam is hunting for information pertaining to the next Blacklist attack. His mission starts quietly, but quickly escalates into all out war.

For more information on Blacklist, check out Matt Miller's excellent What Makes Blacklist Different Than Previous Games in the Series.

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  • I'm so glad that Splinter Cell is back on PS3! Now, it's time for the whiners to come out and complain about the lack of Ironside.
  • It's going to be weird without Ironside. He really gave Sam the "American ***" personality. I'll still play this game for sure though.
  • even though it sure will be strange to not hear Ironside, It still looks fantastic!

  • I hate how they have made Sam a one man army. Being vulnerable was what made Splinter Cell great.
  • Now that Splinter Cell is making it's back way onto PS3, I will be picking this up for sure.

  • Isn't this the same gameplay we saw at E3?
  • If you want an example on how to kill a series, here it is. Yes, trading Ironside for MOCAP and giving him a narration job is dumb and sad, but that's not the true problem I see here. What I see is destroyed gameplay and story elements. It's too far off from what Splinter Cell was. It really shouldn't be considered a Splinter Cell game at this point. Sam Fisher was /never/ supposed to be a "super-spy." The man was born in 1957 and is just supposed to have a lot of experience.. in stealth.. in the dark. I do believe Double Agent was the beginning of the end. Heck, they admitted the reason Conviction turned out the way it did was because Chaos Theory was considered too hardcore and it turned people away from the series. Yeah sure, change things to make it more profitable, but did it really have to become action schlock? I'm really at ends to consider this the Star Wars equivalent in video games.
  • it will be odd without Ironside that is for sure. I do like the killing in motion part that was highlighted. It makes the movements seem a lot more fluid and natural. I do however dislike that change in art style. I loved when playing conviction that the screen would go black and white when Sam was hidden in the shadows. It was very a usual mechanic but also made the game stand out with a beautiful art style. My impression thus far is that they are trying to take it back to the old school splinter cell days while still giving Sam a new bag of tricks and a new voice actor. I will play it though, I can't pass judgement on something I haven't experienced only share my impressions.
  • You know what? I actually can recognize the Benjamin Button disorder.
  • Looking smexy.

  • Sorry. This is NOT Splinter Cell.
  • This game looks pertty fricken EPIC!!!!!1

  • Poor puppy.

  • There are a lot of things that got me hyped in that demo. I'm just curious about how stealthy this game really is. I mean, shooting guys in quick succession in broad daylight isn't my idea of stealth. Maybe it will be fun and fluid, but part of the allure of a stealth game is patiently stalking and eliminating enemies one by one. Then again, this was just a ten minute demo. Probably too early to be making assumptions. Looks really great, though.
  • Remember when Splinter Cell was a stealth game and not Uncharted meets CoD, where a somehow younger Sam Fisher now runs through a camp killing everything in sight including a dog for some reason. It's sad that the main character in this game has to a mass murderer and not a super spy. Maybe Ubisoft will take Assassin's Creed and turn it into a FPS next.
  • So why didn't they show a stealthy way of dealing with the attack dog? I still like the game's presentation but hope to see more stealth (Ghost or Predatory styles) in a walkthrough of this demo. Either way I'm excited to play the full game when it comes out.
  • Two things that I still want to know. #1 If this takes place after Conviction, where Sam definitely looked his age, why does he suddenly look 10 or 20 years younger? #2 Why isn't Micheal Ironside doing Sam's voice anymore? That just kills his character for me. Ironside had the perfect voice for it.
  • This is not Splinter Cell.
    This is chest high wall cover based shooter#44535786:blacklist
  • They really crossed the line with executions, it's not even like playing the game.

  • Looks refreshing to me. And why not change things to make a game more profitable? Nothing wrong with trying to reach a wider audience. That's what keeps a developers doors open.
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