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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Ubisoft Breaks Down The Wii U Advantage For Splinter Cell Blacklist

Along with offering a lengthy, mostly uninterrupted sampling of Blacklist gameplay, this Splinter Cell video also details some of the differences for the Wii U version of the game.

The video shows that inventory selection is allocated to the GamePad for touch selection, and how items like the video footage from the Tri Rotor remote control airship and sticky cameras show up on the GamePad.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist releases on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U on Tuesday, August 20. Head here to read our very positive review.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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  • Neat. While it's certainly not enough to convince me to buy a Wii U, or draw me away from any other SKU of the title IF I already had it, it's good to see some solid support for the Nintendo version from Ubi Soft. And heck, it's not even much of a tradeoff this time - the Wii U version still has online gameplay, which is a bit of a miracle. Of course, they did cut something; offline co-op. But compared to all cut-down Wii U versions of multiplatform games (the few that exist), Splinter Cell is actually doing Nintendo fanboys right, pretty much.
  • I wonder if some people are aggravated by some of the "advantages" given to games for the Wii U. Personally, I own Black Ops II and Assassin's Creed III for it and, while the GamePad gimmicks are cool, I feel like it doesn't make the game any better than its Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 counterpart. Or maybe I'm stating the obvious. I don't know.
  • I can't wait till Tuesday...I love the Splinter Cell series!

  • The Wii U is crap, I'll leave it at that. I own a 3ds XL, so I'm not bashing Nintendo...the Wii U doesn't interest me....
  • This looks kind of cool. I really like that the menu is on the gamepad. Makes the game feel seamless.

  • nice

  • Neat, good to see it in action on this console.

  • I'm building a gaming rig and got this for free with my GPU. So...
  • That's pretty cool, and while I'd love to get it Pikmin 3 takes more precedence.
  • Go Wii U!

  • Yet splitscreen coop is absent for the Wii U version...*facepalm*
  • Hey everyone,Im a Dead Rising fan and I think Dead Rising 3 has no bussiness being a Xbox1 Exclusive. I like more PS4, as Im angry with a lot of stupid Nintendo has made recently. But anyway I think Dead Rising 3 will be a great game, that no one should miss. (Being done by a 3rd Party and not by a MS owned studio it has no reason to be exclusive). Any way please help me bring Dead Rising 3 to PS4/WiiU. By signing this Petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/capcom-bring-dead-rising-3-to-ps4-pc-and-wii-u
  • awesome feature for wii u!

  • The GamePad interactions look pretty good.  Obvious, but good.  I'd probably get Blacklist for Wii U if I had a Wii U.  The game looks pretty awesome, too.  Hmm...  

  • So the Wii U is holding it's own! This is encouraging.

  • You dont have me sold. stop trying
  • wii u is a joke.
  • I'm getting this game for Wii U.

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