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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Spies Vs. Mercs Revamped For Splinter Cell Blacklist

Some people have so much Splinter Cell withdraw, they feel the need to act out Spies vs. Mercs in real life. That won't be necessary though, as Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer will be returning to Splinter Cell Blacklist with two ways to play: classic and Blacklist. A new video from Ubisoft gives a closer look at the revamped mode.

The Blacklist version of Spies vs. Mercs is four-versus-four, unlike the classic mode. 

Like in previous games, there's a big distinction between playing as spies or mercenaries. As a spy, a third-person view is used as there is a larger emphasis on environment and maneuvering as discreetly as possible. Mercs play in first-person, and get to focus on the shoot 'em up gameplay they love.

In this video, community developer Zach Cooper and level design director Geoff Ellenor walk viewers through a multiplayer match from the spy perspective. 


A video detailing the merc experience is planned for release later.

For more information, check out our hands-on preview with Spies vs. Mercs – or watch a single-player mission from the game if that's more your style.

Splinter Cell Blacklist is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U August 20.
  • This looks sick! Thanks for the video, Liz!
  • I am so excited for this game. I rarely go to midnight releases but I will definitely go to this one. BTW that sonar/X-ray thing looks like it could be confusing lol.
  • By far my favorite multiplayer out of any game! Glad they brought it back bc spy vs spy was ridiculous last game! I only wish this and the new GTA was on the new consoles coming out, but I guess I'll just have to keep switching back and forth between consoles :-(

  • Pre-orderd.

  • This looks incredible. Can't wait!

  • Looks great! Although I hope in classic mode the game is not won (for Spies) unless you reach the extraction point.

  • I really wish I had the money for this one, but I have to save up for GTA.

  • awesome sauce

  • So glad that they brought this mode back.

  • One of the best designed multiplayer games of all time. For future reference, Ubi Soft, I don't even need a new Splinter Cell entry to buy into this thing. If you ever want to just release a standalone new version of Mercs VS. Spies - like as a downloadable game or something, for $15 - I'd buy it. This is awesome stuff.
  • I'll be playing on Classic.

  • Gonna Pre-Order on Steam sometime..

  • There has been so much Splinter Cell info the past few months. It's been really exciting to see how well the game is coming along. This mode looks pretty neat.

  • Pre-ordered my PC version yesterday. I'm so stoked for this game!

  • I've had this game pre-ordered for forever. Can't wait to pick it up

  • As long as its about stealth and not action. And seriously, why is every stealth game obsessed with killing people? Aren't we supposed to sneak past like as if we were never there?

  • Can't...hold back...the excitement...any...longer...Whoo-hoo!

  • Cool.

  • You got to be kiddin' me.  This game is way too much for me.  I not talking about the cost, but the time to play.  Gazooo! Well you folks enjoy that there.

  • Thanks for the update Liz! This game is my most anticipated so far.