I have mixed feelings about Spirit Camera. In many ways, I love the AR book and the different scenarios you go through, as well as the creepy events. However, the book is cursed in more ways than one.

The game starts out when you receive a package in the mail with a camera and book included with it. The book is a cursed book, and whoever opens it will become cursed. You play the game by scanning the pages and taking on different events, such as battling ghosts, solving puzzles, interacting with cutscenes, and talking with a character.

The battle system works fine, though there aren't too many fights in the game, only just enough. I liked the feel of the combat though, and it worked fine, nothing was glitchy about it. There are several puzzles throughout the game. Some, like playing hide and seek with a little boy or figuring out how hidden codes are fun, but others, like clearing fog with a certain camera lense, is dull and offers no challenge. It feels like these camera lenses offer no real purpose outside of the two times you use them through out the game.

Some of the parts of the game you enter into the book and actually walk around enviroments (or look around I should say) which is really fun, and I really wish there was more of that in the game. Finally you can talk to this girl. She is kind of a dull character, and I figured out the big secret about three hours before it is revealed. The girl really had no idea when it was plainly obvious what the truth was.

I love the segments in the pages where you see things actually move around in the book. It is really creepy and fun too. However that part of the game, scanning the pages, is where this game really takes a hit. I can have the lights are blairing bright and it won't read the page. Sometimes it really doesn't want to scan. It's the wierdest thing, and it's really spotty too. I got through the book fine, but each AR section took an average of three scans to get down right.

The game has other features, which are really boring events. I would recommend this game as a rental, because it is interesting. However, the very fact that the game only lasts 5ish hours is a bummer to me. Worth a play through, and if you can find it for less than ten dollars, I would get it. Just don't expect it to be a miracle game.