I don't believe I've written a guide for this game yet even though I've had it for several weeks. It seems much longer than that because it is really awesome and was just so engaging that I kept trying to complete it before I wrote this. I finally managed to get it to 75% and now I feel I can write this to a great degree of success.

The gist of the game is that you collect a lot of Spider Essence to unlock cool powers to eliminate your foes and rack up long combo chains. This proves to be useful, since it has the potential to earn you a platinum rating in the level and get more spider essence than if you got a gold or a silver rating. The Web of Destiny missions are fun to do, but they become challenging, especially finding the hidden spiders. You will probably be replaying the levels hundreds of times to find those spiders and kick some butt doing it. It will get seriously annoying because you just can't find them, so you can take your wrath out on the guys who are wandering the level and are seriously fun to take out.

The most fun you could have in this game are in the Vulture, the Scorpion, the Deadpool, the Carnage, and the Goblin levels. The other ones are just really good, but I tend to do these all the time.

Also, to satisfy the graphics-hungry crowd, the presentation of the game on this system looks absolutely wonderful, especially in the Future timezone. The colors are so bold and shiny and I have never seen such bold, shiny colors in any videogame in my three years of playing on this console. I suppose the Mario and Zelda games could come close, but this one is extremely incredible. The one place where they sort of ruined the look is in the Doctor Octopus level, but oh well. Nobody ever said a game had to be perfect in every way.

I believe the Beenox team has come pretty close to conquering the world; they've done a bang-up job of conquering game-making for the Wii so far, in my opinion; hopefully they can keep it up.